Zing Anything AZ100GY Aqua Zinger, Grey


Zing Anything AZ100GY Aqua Zinger, Grey

20oz Water Bottle with Citrus Grinder Infuses Flavors with Water
  • Vacuum insulated, double wall stainless steel keeps your drinks cold or hot
  • Wide mouth top allows for easy filling and ice cubes
  • Food grade safe 18/8 stainless steel (no metallic aftertaste)
  • Easy to clean, reusable, and hot/cold liquid safe
  • 20oz bottle can get 2 fill-ups per grind



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  • Water is a vital building block to living a healthy life yet for many of us it is truly a chore to ensure we drink enough each day. With so many other flavored, tasty, drinks available the flavorless water option can struggle to match up for most but the Aqua Zinger is here to help change that. The Aqua Zinger provides a delicious new alternative to plain water that will also help to reduce food cravings in the process. The Aqua Zinger water bottle subtly infuses water with the flavors from real food such as lemon, lime, various types of berries, and even mint or basil to give your water a little more zing. Get creative by mix and matching various favorite flavors to make hydrating your body fun and delicious, rather than a chore.

    Refreshing all natural beverage options are a result of the unique ability of the Aqua Zinger to infuse water fresh, all natural ingredients. It has a bottom mounted stainless steel grinder that crushes up the ingredients to release the pure flavors and vitamins into the water while at the same time retaining the pulp. A leak-proof cap is included so you can Zing at home, in the car, or at the office.

    Using Your Zinger
    Ease of operation is the Zing standard. Throughout our development process it remained a strong design focus. Each Zinger is simple to clean and allows you to enjoy creating tasty new infusions.
    1. Unscrew the bottom of the Zinger
    2. Add ingredients of your choice
    3. Screw bottom lid back on
    4. Fill with water (or other liquid of choice)
    5. Shake and let it steep
    Now you are ready to enjoy! When you screw on the bottom cup, the blades simultaneously grind the ingredients, releasing flavorful juices and allowing them to seep into the water. Zing!

    Re-Use & Cleaning
    The recommended Aqua infusion shelf life is three days for all beverages, if refrigerated. If you plan to consume your Zing creation with a 12-hour period, no chilling is required. Aqua Zings typically produce more than one drink per grind, however allowing some time for steeping with enhance the flavor, especially on multiple fill-ups. In order to return to a tasty concentration, we recommend adding new ingredients after two servings have been enjoyed (or 40 ounces). Empty the Zinger completely, discard used ingredients, and clean before Zinging a new tasty batch of flavored water. Aqua Zings have more robust flavors after 20 minutes of steeping, and shaking is key. Make sure to use fully ripened ingredients. Harder ingredients such as granny smith apples will work, but allow for longer steeping times (i.e. overnight).

    The Aqua Zinger & Child Safety
    Keep children away from the Aqua Zinger without the help of parental supervision.

  • Manufacturer: Zing Anything
    UPC: 898541001583
    Part #: AZ100GY
    Size: 20oz
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