Xtream Media Pro-2800 Extender

Extender Creates a Zone on your Xtream Media System Capable of Playing Local and Streamed Content
  • Optimized for streaming from the Xtream Media Pro-8800 or Pro-4800
  • Store, organize and access all of your multimedia from one location
  • 1080p video compatible and up-conversion, with audio support up to 7.1 surround sound
  • Download and store content from the web
  • 500 Gigabytes (Gb) of storage



List Price: $3,199.99

Your Savings: $965.87

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  • The Xtream Media Pro-2800 Extender is the ideal solution for creating a zone that can play local video, audio and images as well as receive streamed content from a Xtream Media Pro-8800 1080p Video, Audio and Image Server or Xtream Media Pro-4800 1080p Video, Audio and Image Server. The Xtream Media Pro-2800 Extender offers up 500 Gigabytes (Gb) of storage, enough for approximately 25 Blu-ray movies, 80 standard DVDs, 6,000 CDs or 100,000 photos. With a seven inch front panel touch display, using your media server could not be easier. Not only will you be able to view your Blu-ray HD video content at full 1080p resolution, the unit also up-converts standard DVD video to a full 1080p. You can watch streamed video via a connection to a Pro-8800 or Pro-4800 server, import video to the from a disc, or download content from the web using CinemaNow or NetFlix. As for music, you can play your CDs using the optical drive, import music to server from a disc or transfer your iTunes collection. The extender has the ability to capture metadata from movies and albums which allows you to browse your titles via movie/album art, genre and content. You can even transfer your photo collection to share with family and friends in single photograph mode or via customizable slideshows. The extender comes with a full-function IR remote control, allowing you to control everything from the comfort of your couch. This product is the ultimate extension for creating an additional zone on your Xtream Media system.

    Important Note: This is not a stand alone piece of equipment, connection to an Xtream Media Pro-8800 or Pro-4800 is required.

    Remote Control
    You can upgrade from an IR remote control to an Xtream Remote, which features a palm-sized keyboard with backlit buttons and keys, Bluetooth 2.0 communication, rechargeable Li-ion battery and a protective cover.

    Video Output
    The Xtream Media Server family of media centers can connect to any TV with a variety of outputs including:
    • HDMI
    • DVI
    • Component
    • VGA
    • Composite and S-Video are supported but not recommended

      Audio Output
    • HDMI Audio
    • Optical Output
    • SPDIF Coaxial Output
    • 7.1 Analog Channel Output
    • 5.1 Analog Channel Output
    • 2.1 Analog Channel Output
    • 2.0 Analog Channel Output

      Managing your DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVD Collection
      You can watch, import, and organize your DVD, Blu-ray and HD-DVD Collection from the Xtream Media Pro-8800 1080p Video, Audio and Image Server. You can watch a movie just as you would on any other player by placing the disc in a tray. Alternatively, you can import that movie onto the media server hard drive to watch at any time.

      Music Interface Selections
    • Albums: Displays the album cover art in a series of pictures and representative icons of the albums
    • Artists: Displays an alphabetical list of all artists included in your music collection
    • Genres: Displays the type or style of music into specific categories: Rock; Pop; Country: etc.
    • Songs: Displays an alphabetical listing of all songs available within the music collection
    • Playlists: Displays predetermined songs into groups
    • Composers: Displays the list of composers within your music collection
    • Years: Displays the year and album cover art available within your music collection
    • Album Artists: Displays an alphabetical listing of artists available within your music collection

      Photo Interface Selections
    • Folders: Allows you to name specific folders imported into this field for easy identification of media
    • Tags: Allows you to keep your photos organized per item
    • Date Taken: Allows you to organize files which have been tagged either by the device used to take the picture

      Internet TV Interface Selections
    • Top picks: Most watched media from all category selections.
    • Movies: Displays trailers for movies currently in theaters, coming soon to theaters, coming soon to DVD, cast interviews and etc.
    • TV: Allows you to stream selected television shows, specific media from network television, television guide, and clips from your favorite shows. This content is controlled by msn video.
    • Music: Allows you to view full length music concerts, specific media such as music videos or interviews with artists, and categories such as award shows and genres.
    • Viral: These are video clips that gain widespread popularity.
    • Lifestyles: Common interest stories such as fashion, travel, automobile, health, cooking, pets, etc.
    • Sports: Interviews and highlights from all sport genres.
    • Technology: Displays news from the science and technology arenas.
    • News: Top news stories from campaign news through natural events to every day events.

      Rentals and Purchasing Video Media via the Internet
    • Netflix: Netflix is a paid subscription site. You must set up an active account via your home computer before using this feature. Netflix offers a large variety of downloadable content for your enjoyment. The category labels provided by the Netflix interface are self explanatory and should not take a great deal of time or effort to become familiar with their related functions.
    • CinemaNow: CinemaNow is an Internet-based digital video distribution service. Renting or buying movies from CinemaNow requires account registration. The first time you rent or buy a movie, you will be asked for your account information. If you do not have a CinemaNow account, you will be given the chance to sign-up before checkout. Rented movies are available for viewing for 24 hours from start of playback. The CinemaNow library contains approximately 14,000 feature-length films, shorts, music concerts, and television programs. Your Xtream Media Server allows you to rent or purchase movies directly from the CinemaNow service to the server.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Xtream Media Servers
    Manufacturer Product No.: Pro2800
    Video Connectors:
    • HDMI
    • DVI
    • Component
    • VGA
    • Composite and S-Video are supported but not recommended
    Audio Connectors:
    • 8 Channel HD Audio Analog & SPDI/F out
    • HDMI Audio
    • Optical Output
    • SPDIF Coaxial Output
    • 7.1 Analog Channel Output
    • 5.1 Analog Channel Output
    • 2.1 Analog Channel Output
    • 2.0 Analog Channel Output
    Storage: 500 Gigabytes (Gb), expandable to 6 Terabytes (Tb) internally
    Network Capable: 10/100/1000 Ethernet
    RS-232 Connectivity: Yes
    iPod/MP3 Compatible: Yes

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