Holiday Smart Project #09


Welcome Your Party Guests with Outdoor Holiday Music!
Holiday Smart Project #09
Welcome Your Party Guests with Outdoor Holiday Music!
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Get your guests into the holiday spirit even before they ring your doorbell! Place this wireless speaker near your entryway and your guests can enjoy festive music on their way into your home! Unlike traditional outdoor speakers, this Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Speaker can be moved as your party progresses. You can start with the speaker by the front door and later move it to the living room, the dining room, or even the backyard! Use multiple units to have the same music in all rooms, or to have music in rooms that have no radios or speakers!

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Tools Required:
  • None
Here's How to Do It:
Just hook up the transmitter to your audio source (CD player, boombox, stereo system), place the speaker anywhere within 300 feet of the transmitter, and install 8 "C" batteries (sold separately) or plug in the included AC adapter. Then tune the speaker to the transmitting frequency, adjust volume level, and enjoy the music! This speaker is weather-resistant, so you can even put it in moist or splash-prone indoor or outdoor areas that could harm other speakers.

Year Round Use:
Bring music or TV sound from your A/V system to your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, poolside, spa, garden, or just about anywhere all year long -- without running speaker wire! Now you can listen to TV shows or movies while you do household chores. Makes a great addition to summer barbecues and pool parties!

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