Holiday Automation Project #6


Monitor Your Home While You're Away!
Holiday Automation Project #6
Monitor Your Home While You're Away!
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The holiday season is a time of joy. Unfortunately, it is also a time when criminals and vandals are at their busiest. Surveillance cameras that let you record what they see on your VCR can give you a visual record of what is going on around your home while you are not at home, and can even be valuable in identifying and apprehending thieves and vandals.

If you plan to be away from your home visiting family and friends during this holiday season and you want to monitor your home, you can set up your own video surveillance system.


You'll need:

#7603 - Multicam Security TV Camera (as many as desired)
#7603VCR - Multiple Camera/VCR Controller

1) Set up #7603 weatherproof cameras with built-in audio and motion sensor in locations around the outside of your home.

2) Place the #7603VCR Multiple Camera/VCR Controller in line-of-site with the VCR that it will trigger and connect the cameras to it.

3) Ensure that the cameras, VCR controller, and VCR are all ON.

4) When one camera?s PIR sensor detects motion, the controller switches to that camera and superimposes the time and date on the picture. The controller also starts the VCR recording.

5) The controller will stop the VCR recording 30 seconds after motion is no longer detected. A blinking indicator on the controller will signal you that a recording has occured.

You?re Done!

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