Holiday Automation Project #5


Find Out If the Kids Are Peeking at Their Presents!
Holiday Automation Project #5
Find Out If the Kids Are Peeking at Their Presents!
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It looks so tempting. The bright and colorful gift wrapping. The excitment of Christmas morning approaching. And it's all coming way too slowly for children (even for grown-ups)!

Want to keep an eye on who's peeking at the gifts a little early? The Microsentinel Wireless-Internet Based Security System lets you monitor the gift area from your home computer or even remotely. That way, you'll know who's peeking without having to guess!


You'll need:

#7604 - Microsentinel Security Camera Set

1) Set up the wireless camera near your Christmas tree or gift area. The camera plugs directly into a nearby electrical outlet for power.

2) Plug the camera's receiver into an electrical outlet and into your home computer's printer port. A pass-through is provided so an existing printer can still be attached to the computer. The camera sends a continuous image of the Christmas tree and surrounding area to the computer. When someone moves into the camera?s view, the camera detects the change and snaps a picture or begins recording a series of images.

3) The Microsentinel software saves the images to the hard drive for later retrieval or it can e-mail the images to you at a remote location using your existing e-mail service. An optional pager alert feature allows you to be notified that the system has been triggered, so you can check the images when away form home.

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