Holiday Automation Project #4


Control Your Home Temperature When You're Away from Home!
Holiday Automation Project #4
Holiday Automation Project
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Never again will you arrive home to find your house too cold during the winter season. The following trick will show you how you can always be comfortable without waiting for the house to warm up or cool down while you freeze or sweat until the thermostat catches up with the comfort level by calling ahead to adjust the temperature. You can also time it.


You'll need:

#2010 - X10 Powerhouse Universal Module, and
#3026 - Dry Contact Controllable Slimline Thermostat
#5000 - Telephone Responder

1) Replace your existing HVAC thermostat with an X10 Controllable Thermostat. These thermostats come in two varieties, 1) those that respond directly to X10 commands, and those that respond to contact closures. With a thermostat that responds to X10 commands, you can send X10 signals to set the temperature exactly. To use a contact closure setback thermostat, connect the control inputs to an X10 Universal Module set for Continuous and Relay Only.

2) If you are using a setback thermostat (contact closure input), set your Home and Away temperatures following the thermostat manufacturer?s instructions.

3) Connect a telephone responder to your telephone line and an AC outlet.

You?re Done! Now you can dial in from any touch-tone phone to adjust your temperature. The telephone responder will take touch tones and turn them into X10 signals your thermostat can respond to. If you are using a setback thermostat, call in and turn the Universal Module ON to get your Away setting. Turn the Universal Module OFF to get your Home setting.

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