Holiday Automation Project #3


"Pipe" Holiday Music from Your A/V System into Any Room & Control It from Another Room!
Holiday Automation Project #3
Holiday Automation Project
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Entertain your dinner guests with holiday music "piped" in the dining room area from your living room stereo, and then, "move" the music to another room when dinner is over. With this setup, you can enjoy and control your stereo music from the room where you are, instead of having to go to the room where the stereo is located.


You'll need:

#8214 - Sony 900MHz RF Wireless Speaker System
#8024 - Home Theater Pro IR/RF Remote

1) Connect the wireless speaker transmitter to the headphone jack or to the "audio out" jack on your stereo.

2) Set the wireless speaker(s) in the room in which you want to hear the music.

3) Plug the Home Theater Pro IR/RF Remote's RF to IR converter into an outlet and set it in line of sight of your audio system.

4) Use the Home Theater Pro IR/RF Remote to change a CD, increase volume, switch among radio stations, or otherwise control your audio equipment, up to 35' away, even through walls. The Home Theater Pro IR/RF Remote will send out an RF signal and its RF converter will convert that signal back to IR at your stereo. The audio equipment will process the command and the speaker transmitter will send it to the wireless speaker up to 300' away. The speaker runs off battery or through an included AC adapter.
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updated 9/17/03

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