Holiday Automation Project #2


Turn On Your Model Train, Holiday Music, or Lights with a Motion Sensor!
Holiday Automation Project #2
Holiday Automation Project
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Want your guests to enjoy your electric train chugging around the Christmas tree without leaving the train running for long periods of time, or want them to admire the lights on your tree or festive music without leaving those on all the time? With the help of a motion sensor, your diplay or music will come to life when someone approaches, and will turn off once motion stops.


You'll need:

#4086V2 - Wireless X10 Motion Detector
#4005 - X10 16 Device RF Base
#2002SHL - ApplianceLinc Modules
#2000SHL - LampLinc Modules (for dimmable lights)

1) Plug your electric train, portable stereo cassette player, and/or holiday lights into appliance modules (or dimmable lights into lamp modules). Make sure your electric train set is switched on and/or "play" is pressed on your portable stereo cassette with your favorite holiday music.

2) Set the housecode and unit code on each module to a housecode and unit code that can be controlled by the motion sensor and RF base.

3) Plug the appliance modules into outlets.

4) Place the wireless X10 motion sensor in the same room as the holiday display you want to automate, and plug the X10 RF base into a convenient AC outlet.

When someone approaches your display, the motion detector will send a signal to the base, which will send an X10 signal to the appliance module(s). The Motion detector will send an "off" signal when it doesn?t detect motion for a specified amount of time.

You?re Done!

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