Holiday Smart Project #11


Protect Your Outdoor Decorations from Holiday Grinches!
Holiday Smart Project #11
Holiday Smart Project #4
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Nothing spoils the holiday season like having your expensive holiday decorations swiped by some grinch! Don't spend your hard-earned money on cheerful holiday decorations without protecting them from vandalism or theft! This inexpensive alarm can be used year after year, for any seasonal decorations. Make sure that your holiday fun isn't spoiled by pranksters with this great investment!

Products Used:

Tools Required:
  • Screwdriver

  • Double-sided tape

Here's How to Do It:
Simply attach the motion sensor/transmitter to the decoration you want to protect, using either double-sided tape or a screw. Next, place the receiver in a convenient indoor location within 300 feet of the sensor/transmitter. Plug the receiver into any nearby AC outlet using the included wall adapter. Now every time the outdoor sensor is moved, it will send a radio signal to the receiver, which will emit a loud Doorbell chime. Adjust the receiver's chime/alarm volume and the transmitter sensitivity to suit your application. Want to protect more than one decoration? Then simply order extra Motion Alert Sensors, which can be easily integrated using the receiver's Learning Mode setting.

Year Round Use:
Of course, these products aren't limited for use during the holiday season. The same sensors can be used to protect other winter holiday decorations, or for permanent fixtures year round. Use it for protecting back yard gates, tool shed doors, garage doors, lawn mowers, vehicles and much more!

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