Xceltronix i-touch/autocloser i-Touch with Autocloser Kit

Xceltronix i-touch/autocloser i-Touch with Autocloser Kit

Automatically Closes Garage when Left Open and Grants Entrance via Fingerprint or Numeric Code
  • Adds biometric control to garage door
  • Ensures garage door closes even when you forget
  • Recognizes up to 30 fingerprints and numeric codes
  • Operates garage through Autocloser
  • Visible and audible closing alerts



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  • The i-Touch with Autocloser Kit from Xceltronix is designed to provide increased home security as well as added ease for users and guests to enter their home through the garage. The kit consists of 2 main components, an i-Touch biometric fingerprint scanner and a garage door Autocloser which will shut a garage door automatically when it is left open longer than a pre-set amount of time. The i-Touch device is capable of learning up to 30 different fingerprints as well as 30 different numeric access codes and mounts to the garage door frame with or without an existing gang box. It grants keyless access to pre-approved users that have been given a numeric access code or have their fingerprint saved in the i-Touch database. The Autocloser, which the i-Touch connects to, is what opens and closes the garage door automatically and it is powered by a 9Vdc power supply which is included with the purchase. With an Autocloser users will have peace of mind to know that their garage door will never be accidentally left open all day or night because a pre-set time limit will automatically close it when left open.

    Mounting Diagram Pre-Existing Gang Box
    Pre-Existing Gang Box

    Wiring Diagram for Garge Door
    Garage Wiring

    The i-Touch allows for both permanent and temporary access codes to be assigned. Temporary access codes can be set to only be active for periods of time such as 7 days for someone who might be working on your home for a week and after those 7 days they will no longer have access. This saves from having to stay home or leave work to let people in as well as cuts down on having to make multiple spare keys.

    The Autocloser features 5 user-selectable closing times as well as the option to disable the automatic closing if the user wants it to stay open for an extended amount of time. The user-selectable times are 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes long and upon the time being reached the Autocloser will emit an audible and visual alert that it is closing which it will do if not overridden.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xceltronix, Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. i-touch/autocloser
    UPC 897502000030
    Dimensions L 10.0in x W 7.0in x H 3.0in
    Weight 3.0 lbs
    Power Supply 9Vdc 300mA adapter
    Manufacturers Warranty Limited lifetime to cover defects in parts and product workmanship

    i-Touch Specifications
    Access Fingerprint or numeric code
    Total Fingerprints Stored 30
    Temporary Fingerprint Access Yes, up to 30 days
    Total Numeric Codes 30
    Temporary Numeric Codes Yes, up to 30 days
    Code Length 4-6 digits
    Mounting On garage door frame
    Existing Gang Box Works with or without existing box
    Power Source Wires to Autocloser for power

    Autocloser Specifications
    Closing Time Options 2, 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes
    Autocloser Override Yes
    Garage Closing Warning Audible and visual alert
    Power Source 9Vdc 300mA power supply adapter
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    • 1x - i-Touch with 3-ft strip of 4-conductor cable attached
    • 1x - Autcloser
    • 1x - 9V 300mA power supply
    • 2x - 30 foot spools of 2-conductor wire
    • 2x - #6 3/4" wood screws with wall anchors
    • 1x - Set of screws
    • 2x - Extra screws for Autocloser GA terminals
    • 1x - i-Touch mounting bracket
    • Owner's Manual
    • 4 wiring splicing connectors

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