Xantech ML95 Universal Micro Link IR Receiver, Extended Range

Xantech ML95 Universal Micro Link IR Receiver, Extended Range

Control A/V Components Behind Doors or Walls with this Covert IR Receiver Resitant to Plasma, LED, and LCD TVs, and CFL Lighting
  • IR receiver specifically designed to resist interference from Plasma, LCD and LED TVs, CFL lighting and sunlight
  • Peephole-Style, mounts in 1/2" diameter hole 2" deep ideal for cabinet doors or walls
  • Green Talkback LED for System Verification
  • Color-coded connectors for fast, easy installation
  • 3.5mm plug makes connection simple
  • Extended IR receiver range accepts IR commands from up to 120 feet away
  • Wire channel for clean installation



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  • The interference from a wall mount TV can wreak havoc with your IR control system. Xantech designed this Universal Micro Link IR Receiver to resist the interference from plasma, LCD and LED TVs, as well as fluorescent and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL), and sunlight - so you can mount this receiver in any room with confidence. The Micro Link IR Receiver is a small peep-hole style infrared repeater assembly, perfect for a nearly flush in-wall or cabinet installation with minimal footprint for a professional finish. The high sensitivity and extended range of this receiver allows it to receive IR commands up to 120 feet away. This Xantech Dinky Link IR receiver includes a 'talkback' LED so you'll know the command was received and sent to the emitter. Includes Black, Brass and White bezels.

    Please note: Connecting block, power supply, and emitters are sold separately - or they can all be purchased together with this receiver as a kit.

    Local System Application
    One application is to locate the IR receiver in a central location, near a TV, video screen and/or a speaker. The audio/video equipment can then be hidden inside a cabinet or located away from the front of a room. This will give the end-user the ability to direct a remote control to one central location and not have to worry about aiming to the respective device to be controlled.

    Remote Room Application
    Another application is to locate the IR receiver in a remote room. This will give the end-user the ability to control audio/video equipment from a location where the remote control no longer has the ability of direct line-of-sight.

    Drill a 1/2" hole in any surface, such as a cabinet panel. Pass the lead and the body of the ML95 through the hole and secure from the rear with the nut (supplied).

    The IR receiver should be located so that it is not directly facing a light source such as lamps or displays (standard, LCD, and Plasma). When mounted near a display, it should be flush to the display and away from light reflections that may occur.

    Cable Connections
    ML95s may also be used where the 7-foot cable is not long enough. Simply cut off the mini plug, strip the leads and splice them to a 3-conductor extension cable with a terminal block or other means. Then connect the extension cable to the 3- or 4-terminal block on the connecting block.

    • Infrared modulation frequency bandwidth: 25 - 60 kHz
    • IR reception range: Up to 120 feet, depending on remote control output strength and ambient conditions
    • Reception angle: 55 degrees off axis for 50% range reduction
    • Cable requirements: 3-conductor. Use 24 gauge up to 200', 22 gauge up to 600' 20 gauge up to 2000', 18 gauge up to 5000' - unshielded OK
    • Max. transmission length: 1 mile using 18 gauge wire
    • Maximum current output: 100mA
    • Drives IR emitters through Xantech Connecting Blocks, Controllers, etc.
    • Dimensions: 0.7" diameter x 2.2" deep (18mm x 56mm)
    • Power requirements: +12VDC, 20mA

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    • Universal Micro Link IR Receiver, Extended Range
    • Owner's manual
    • Black, brass and white bezels

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