Xantech EXP9-8 Eight Zone Expansion Module for ZPR68-10

Xantech EXP9-8 Eight Zone Expansion Module for ZPR68-10

Add 7 Additional Zones of Control to Your Xantech Remote Preamp
  • Expand the number of zones your ZPR68-10 controls
  • Additional ports allow you to add zones
  • Gold plated RCA phono jacks
  • Operates with the Xantech RC68+ remote (the same as the ZPR68-10)



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  • The EXP9 is a nine-zone expansion module designed to work exclusively with the ZPR68-10 Six-Zone Eight-Source Remote Preamp. A single EXP9 has the capability to expand the ZPR68-10 to a total of 15 zones of control, while two EXP9 units can be used to create 24 zones of control.

    The EXP9 series is available with from 1 to 9 "XCARDs" (zone expansion PCBs) installed in its nine available openings. The EXP9-8 comes equipped with 8 cards, pre-loaded and tested at the factory, to give you 14 zones of control when combined with your ZPR68-10. Unused zone openings are covered from underneath with individual cover plates. These are removed, as needed, when additional zone XCARDs are installed in the field.

    EXP9 units are also available with any number of XCARD zones: Expansion/replacement XCARD zone cards for this item are available here. To rack mount your EXP9 please see the RMEXP.

    • The features, functions and performance of the zones on the EXP9 are identical in every way to those of the ZPR68-10
      CAUTION: The EXP9 cannot operate by itself. It must be connected to a ZPR68-10. Also, it will not operate with the original ZPR68 (older version).
    • The EXP9 connects to the ZPR68-10 via two multiconductor ribbon cables (included). One is a 26- conductor cable, the other 50.
    • As with the ZPR68-10, the EXP9 uses a multi-voltage high-current AC power supply (included).
    • Control of all zones is also possible via the COM PORT (RS232 data signal compatible) on the connected ZPR68-10.
    • As with the ZPR68-10, the EXP9 operates with IR commands from the Xantech RC68 IR Remote/Programmer (available separately). As received from the factory, each zone (as well as the XCARDs) is set to IR Code Group number 68.

  • AUDIO (ea. channel)
    • Gain (@ max VC): Unity
    • Input Overload: > 4 V RMS (@ max VC)
    • Input Impedance: > 40 k Ohms
    • Output Impedance: 470 Ohms
    • Signal to Noise: 96 dB (re 2V out)
    • THD (VC -10 dB): 0.01% at 2V input level
    • Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 5 Hz to 70 kHz
    • Bass Control Range (@ 100 Hz): +/- 12 dB (in 2 dB steps)
    • Treble Control Range (@ 10 kHz): +/- 12 dB (in 2 dB steps)
    • Input/Output Impedance: 75 Ohms
    • Video Insertion Loss: < 1.0 dB (50 Hz to 10 MHz)
    • RC68 Code Group Number assigned to the EXP9 (each zone): 68
    • STATUS Output (each zone): 12 V @ 10 mA, 9 V @ 90 mA (90 mA is max. current)
    • Max. Total Current Available From +12V & STATUS Terminals: 1.8 A
    • Power Requirements: 14V-0-14V AC @ 2.7 A, 8V-0-8V AC @ 0.7 A (Multi-Voltage Power supply included)
    • Gold Plated RCA type phono jacks: All A/V inputs/outputs
    • Dimensions: 14" W x 7 " H x 2.5" D
    • Weight: 4 lbs, 3 oz.

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