Xantech 781ERGPS5P 781ERGPS Power Supply (Five Pack)

Xantech 781ERGPS5P 781ERGPS Power Supply (Five Pack)

Provide Your Xantech IR System with the Right Power
  • Five pack of 120-volt AC to 12VDC adapter
  • 500mA regulated power supply
  • Provides low-voltage power to common household products
  • Powers all Xantech IR systems
  • Excellent for power consistency and keeping backup supplies on hand



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  • Most electronic components come with 120-volt AC to DC adapters, but if you lose or accidentally damage this device, you can replace it with the 12-Volt Regulated Power Supply, an all-purpose adapter that fits nearly any common household product requiring low-voltage DC power. With a current capacity of 500mA, you can retain one power supply for multiple cameras, door strikes, or anything that required 12 volts DC. Xantech's 781ERGPS Power Supply is a voltage-regulated power supply, where the DC output voltage will be a nearly perfect 12 volts DC and can supply a maximum of 500mA of current. It has a 2.1mm barrel plug, center positive, for power output. This product is a five (5) pack of 781ERGPS power supplies, excellent for providing consistency in your power systems or to make sure you always have backups.

    These adapters are high-efficiency regulated 12V DC adapters that will work to power all Xantech IR systems. The barrel plugs have locking indentation rings with a small form-factor that allows tighter installation and a secure connection to all Xantech IR connecting blocks.

    Also available as a ten pack.

    The 12-Volt Regulated Power Supply uses a 2.1mm coaxial plug. It is not recommended that you connect this regulated power supply in parallel with any other power supply.
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