X10 Smart Switches: Part 2

Replace existing wall switches with X10 compatible switches and control them from any X10 transmitter.
Dimming at Switch:
Allows you to manually control the brightness level of lights directly from the switch.
Dimming by X10:
Allows you to control the brightness level of lights remotely from an X10 transmitter.
Soft Start & Resume Dim:
With soft start lights fade up to on over a short period of time. This gives a pleasing effect that also helps extend the life of bulbs. Resume dim returns the lights to the dim level that was set prior to the lights being turned off.
AGC/ Noise Rejection:
A feature that helps the switch respond more reliably to X10 signals in the presence of noise. Most switches with this feature are also more sensitive to X10 signals.
3-Way Ready:
Switches that are 3-way ready can be used in single switch circuits as well as in 3, 4 or 5-way circuits with the addition of slave switches.
True Rocker Action:
Like normal light switches, pressing the top turns on the light, pressing the bottom turns them off. Pressing and holding the top brightens, pressing and holding the bottom dims. On switches without true rocker action, you press the same spot to turn off and on.
Requires a Neutral Wire:
These switches require a 3 wire connection including neutral, in the switchbox. Not all switch locations have a neutral wire (usually white). If you do not have a neutral wire in your switch box you must either have a neutral wire pulled to that location by your electrician or use a switch that does not require neutral.
Incandescent Bulbs - Less Than 60 Watts:
These switches will work with bulbs rated at less than 60 watts if required. Switches without this feature must be used with bulbs rated at 60 watts or higher for proper operation.
Low Voltage Lighting
These switches can be used to control power to the transformer of most low voltage lights.
Technical Tip:
DIM/BRIGHT commands when used with motor loads will slow or speed up the motor in up to 16 steps.
With the neutral connection, the #2204WI & #2205WI do not rely on the resistive path through the load to establish an X10 connection. If the incandescent or halogen lights are not working & dimming properly with the #2031 or #2201 2-wire switches, 3-wire switches usually solves the problem.
When used with electronic low voltage transformers, a #4835 in-line noise block should be used to block the noise that is usually generated with this combination. Magnetic transformer loads usually do not generate noise. May generate hum with some fans or motor loads. (Unfortunately, there is no way to determine whether hum will occur without actually trying it. If unacceptable hum occurs, use the #2206 wall switch module to provide X10 ON/OFF control.)
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