X10 SH10A PSH02 Monitor Plus Powerhorn X10 Remote Siren
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X10 SH10A PSH02 Monitor Plus Powerhorn X10 Remote Siren

Use This Compact Unit with Any of Our X10 Security Systems and Personal Assistance Systems!
  • Plug-in 105dB siren
  • Activated by X10 security systems
  • Can also be activated by a series of X10 On/Off commands


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  • A compact 105dB siren for use with any of the X10 security systems and personal assistance systems.

    1. Set the Housecode dial on the SH10A to the same letter as your security system (DS7000, DC8700, etc).*

    2. If you want to control the SH10A from other types of X10 controllers, set the Unit Code dial on the SH10A to any unused number between 1 & 16.*

    3. Plug the SH10A into any unused AC outlet (not one that is controlled bya wall switch, in case the switch accidentally gets turned off).

    4. To test the SH10A, trip your alarm system. The SH10A will sound for as long as the alarm in the security system console sounds, and then shut off a few seconds after you disarm the alarm.

    The SH10A is extremely loud. To avoid permanent hearing damage, do
    not stand too close to it when you trip the alarm.

    5. To trip the SH10A from any X10 controller (if you hear a strange noise at night, for example): Press Unit Code-ON, then Unit Code-OFF, then Unit Code-ON, repeatedly. The SH10A will sound for as long as you keep pressing ON and OFF and will stop a few seconds after you stop pressing buttons. Or press Unit Code-ON and hold the button pressed for a few seconds. Or press All Lights On, then All Units Off, repeatedly.

    6. You can use the SH10A as an annunciator: Press Unit Code-ON, on any X10 Controller and then press Dim or Bright. You will hear a ding or a dong for each button press.

    * Note: If you have a DC8700 security system it might be set to flash lights set to Unit Code 13. If that is the case set the SH10A to Unit Code 13.
  • Specifications

    X10 Pro Product No.: SH10A PSH02
    Volume: 105dB
    Weight: 0.21 lbs

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    Review of 7362 Review by THOMAS
    Review of 7362

    Works Well, you can set it to loud or soft, by using the "bright or dim" setting in the Indigo Home Automation Software. (sold separately for a Mac computer)

    Posted on 7/19/2011

    Review of 7362 Review by GRAYNOR
    Review of 7362

    Item was provided as shown and fast.
    Very Happy and I would buy from this seller again

    Posted on 7/17/2011

    Review of 7362 Review by ANDRES
    Review of 7362

    I could not use it because once it is activated, dimmer must to activate otherwise it wont buzze.

    Posted on 1/10/2011

    Review of 7362 Review by AWEstun
    Review of 7362

    I have several of these around inside the house. They respond to on-off-on-ff-on sequence of codes either put out by the Visionic SecureLink add-on X10 control module or by simulating the sequence manually with a fob or remote controller. Five Stars.

    Posted on 2/21/2010

    Review of 7362 Review by DEREK
    Review of 7362

    Very good product for the price and it allows diversified alarming capability.

    Posted on 1/5/2010

    Review of 7362 Review by JOHN
    Review of 7362

    not very loud

    Posted on 8/23/2009

    Review of 7362 Review by CHRISTOPHER
    Review of 7362

    Great quality product at a reasonable price with fast secure shipping!!!

    Posted on 1/9/2009

    Review of 7362 Review by WILLIAM
    Review of 7362

    Weak, not as loud as primary built-in Visonic alarm.

    Posted on 2/13/2008

    Review of 7362 Review by REED
    Review of 7362

    Work as expected, except they are not as load as I had hoped.

    Posted on 1/28/2008

    Review of 7362 Review by FRED
    Review of 7362

    This was an order for a replacement which had failed. The service was great and I love the X-10 product line.

    Posted on 6/20/2007

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