Boosterlinc Plug-In PLC Signal Booster (White)

X10 Plug-In Powerline Signal Booster

Boost X10 Signals with a Simple Plug-In Module!
  • Now large X10 installations are possible!
  • Easy to install - just plug it into any 110V outlet
  • Great for apartments, condos or houses
  • LED shows when signals are being amplified or when noise is detected
  • PATENT PENDING technology developed by Smarthome Design
  • Does not boost or interfere with Insteon signals


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  • For error-free automation of your entire home, install several Boosters by simply plugging them into any 110V outlets.

    Make your X10 Installation work right!
    Are you frustrated because some of the X10 receivers in your home automation system are having trouble detecting powerline commands? Now you can give your powerline signals a huge boost with BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster, an advanced plug-in module that detects all powerline signals on the line and amplifies them in real time. Unlike signal boosts that use 200V repeater amplifiers, using this BoosterLinc™ module allows for an immediate, absolutely delay-free boost, and dim and bright commands that work flawlessly.

    Why You Need BoosterLinc™
    As X10 signals are sent, they tend to go everywhere within a home, rather than directly to the intended receiver. Along the way, they get weakened by distance traveled and items connected to the powerline. Computer gear and home entertainment products (i.e. televisions) are the biggest signal absorbers. Additionally, every X10 transmitter (including 2-way modules) will absorb X10 signals. The bottom line is that by the time the commands get to the intended module, they sometimes do not have enough signal strength to trigger the desired action.

    Does What Coupler-Repeaters Can't
    BoosterLinc™ can also solve localized problems that whole-house coupler-repeaters can't handle. Although coupler-repeaters have been used in the past for increasing PLC/X10 signal strength for the whole house, they just can't offer any improvement when it comes to solving a signal strength problem at the end of a circuit. So even if your home has a coupler-repeater installed, your home automation system can still benefit from BoosterLincs.

    Install as Many as Required
    Before BoosterLinc™, if a 220V coupler/repeater didn't get a signal from a transmitter to a receiver there was no practical solution. With BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster, 2 or more can be installed in the same home! We have reports of more than 8 being used successfully in extremely large installations. Many variables will dictate how many, if any, BoosterLincs™ will be required to ensure flawless system operation. The following formula is a suggested "rule of thumb":
    Square Footage of home
    # of X10 transmitters
    # of X10 receivers

    Plugs Into Any Standard 110V Outlet
    Installation couldn't be easier. BoosterLinc™ plugs into any standard 110V 3-prong AC outlet. It also features a pass-through outlet on the front, so you can still plug in an additional device (pass-through outlet has no automation features). BoosterLinc™ also provides a small diagnostic LED that illuminates to let you know that the unit is powered; it even flickers when X10 signals are being amplified for easy troubleshooting. Multiple BoosterLincs™ can be installed in one home (we recommend one unit for every 1,000 feet of living space).

    Supports 3-Phase Electrical Systems
    While most electricity coming into single-family homes in North America is split-single phase, most apartments and condominiums usually get two lines of 3-phase power. BoosterLinc™ is able to amplify signals on both types of electrical systems. Additionally, it will detect incoming single-phase signals and re-generate signals for all three phases. A typical example might be a SwitchLinc 2-Way Dimmer that only transmits signals for split-single phase power. Without BoosterLinc™, when the SwitchLinc's™ single-phase signal gets coupled onto the other electrical line, it will be out of phase with the receivers and won't be detected. BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster easily corrects this.

    Fully compatible with PLC Bright & Dim Commands
    With some coupler-repeaters, handling the special bright and dim signals gets tricky. Generally, for these signals to work, two dim or bright signals must be received within a few milliseconds of each other. When a coupler-repeater is used, the signals may appear to be separated by the receiving module. The result: Repeated dim or bright signals may cause the receiving module to slowly change the dim level. Since BoosterLinc™ is a real-time amplifier, there are no delays with bright and dim commands.

    Auto Disable When Electrical Noise is Detected
    BoosterLinc™ is smart enough to not amplify electrical noise. If BoosterLinc™ does detect electrical noise, it will shut down amplification. The diagnostic LED will turn off and occasionally blink to indicate the presence of electrical noise. Once the noise stops, amplification immediately resumes.

    How Does BoosterLinc Work?
    BoosterLinc™ Plug-In Signal Booster immediately recognizes every "bit" of X10 signal on the powerline, synchs up with the transmitter and co-generates a transmission, in real-time until the end of that bit's transmission. Traditional coupler/repeaters wait until a complete X10 frame/command is received and then co-generate the entire command while the original transmitter sends its 2nd (redundant) frame/signal.

    Details & Specifications
    BoosterLinc™ plugs into any 120-volt 3-prong (with ground) AC outlet and comes in a white finish.

  • Specifications

    Brand: Smarthome
    Manufacturer: SmartLabs Design
    Manufacturer Product No.: 4827
    UPC: 813922010992
    Dimensions: 2.47"w, 4.26"h, 1.50"d (when plugged in)

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    plug in signal amplifier Review by Daniel
    plug in signal amplifier

    I bought three (3). They don't seem to have changed anything.

    Posted on 3/19/2017

    Not for smart meters Review by Bob
    Not for smart meters

    No boost. X10 cannot make it through the panel even on one phase. I cannot prove it but most likely the smart meter is preventing any X10 signal. X10 works plug to plug on a single branch circuit but a test with the dedicated disposal plug to the dedicated washer plug which are literally on the same tap (breakers across from each other) did not work (appliances were disconnected of course). The test was with a new SignalLinc Booster model 4827 P1 test signal to an X10 lamp module. Mapped every circuit in my house and the same result. X10 works on circuit branches but not between branch circuits.

    Posted on 7/20/2016

    Worked Perfectly Review by dlw
    Worked Perfectly

    I have used an X10 system for years with no problems. It is a small system with a mini controller, three hard-wired switches, and three or more modules. Early on I added a wired-in phase coupler so that I could locate the controller anywhere in the house.

    However, after an extensive house renovation, the system was no longer working consistently. I checked out the controller and the phase coupler and both were working, so I concluded that all of the new appliances and lighting were degrading the X10 signals. I was tempted to upgrade to a new Insteon system, but the SmartHome tech rep told me that Insteon was no longer backward compatible with X10, so I would have needed to get all new switches and modules. That's when I spotted the BoosterLinc. (A previous reviewer is correct. It is not easy to find on the website unless you are searching for it by name. This is probably because X10 is now essentially a legacy system.) I decided to try the BoosterLinc rather than a fairly expensive upgrade to Insteon.

    Having read the user guide before ordering, I knew that it might be a little tricky finding the correct location for only one BoosterLinc to be effective. I followed the guideline that said to plug the BoosterLinc into a circuit with a single outlet near the electrical panel. It worked perfectly the first time. It should be noted, however, that even in a small house with a split-phase electrical system, a phase coupler--either a plug-in or a wired-in--is probably a necessity.

    Posted on 12/12/2015

    Finally something that makes everything work! Review by Jeff
    Finally something that makes everything work!

    I have been goofing with X-10 and then Insteon automation products for 15 years now, and have always loved the concept but hated the reliability issues. When thing work, it is awesome, but when you press a button an nothing happens, extremely frustrating.
    I have used several different phase couplers, repeaters, etc. etc. and still had problems with a 2700 sqft house. Over the last year or so, my 8 button switchlinc became very unreliable, so I bought a new one thinking it was just going bad.
    The new one was no better.
    Read about this product and decided to give it a try.
    I plugged it in to an outlet near my switchlinc but that I know is on the other phase, and now everything is working fine.
    There is a noticeable delay in the command getting to the receivers that were problematic, but they work every time now so I'm fine with it.

    Posted on 8/23/2015

    Review of 4827 Review by DAVID
    Review of 4827

    Fine except it did not solve the problem that I had. Probably no fault of the product, just was not the hoped for solution.

    Posted on 6/13/2014

    Review of 4827 Review by RONALD
    Review of 4827

    Didn't help reach distant X-10 module plus caused other modules to randomly turn on.

    Posted on 11/6/2013

    Review of 4827 Review by NORMAN
    Review of 4827

    little, if any, boost

    Posted on 9/8/2013

    Review of 4827 Review by Erik
    Review of 4827

    I have three outdoor lights that are all controlled by x-10 signals from a single photocell. They used to work perfectly. Lately, one began turning on at dusk but never turned back off at dawn. I purchased and installed plugged in one of these Signal boosters. Now, all three lights are switching on and off correctly.

    The first outlet I plugged the boosterlinc into did the trick. The only problem I had is this product is hard to find on the Smarthome web site.

    Posted on 6/5/2013

    Review of 4827 Review by JOHN
    Review of 4827

    Raises my x10 signal voltage from .5v to 5v. Very nice product

    Posted on 3/27/2013

    Review of 4827 Review by RON
    Review of 4827

    Worked right out of the box. Found a dead area that started having problems with no signals, plugged it in and saw results instantly. Actualy fixed other sections of house that were thought to be lost. Very satisfied with this product. Just be aware that things like vacuums and other noisy items will tend to shut the unit off when plugged into same branch of outlet. Can be reset or just plugged back in to work. Always check for green light.

    Posted on 2/4/2013

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