Smart Solutions for Your Workshop

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Smart Solutions for Your Workshop or Home
  Get control over your workspace in ways you never thought possible with the simple-to-use RemoteLinc. Imagine controlling your shop temperature, lights or dust collector - all from a single remote control.

If it runs on electricity, you can control it.

Can you remember having to get up to change channels on the TV? Think of that each time you walk over to flip a switch on your dust collector or fumble in a darkened room looking for the switch or pull-chain for a shop light. Now imagine performing those same tasks from the palm of your hand. To do this costs less than $100 and can be set up in under 10 minutes. Spend more time enjoying your craft and less time messing with plugs and switches.

How does it work?
The way it works is simple: the RemoteLinc sends radio signals to a plug-in receiver, the receiver then relays the command onto your home's existing electrical wiring and is received by plug-in receivers. These receivers, called ApplianceLinc's, then turn On or Off any device you have plugged into them (up to 15 Amps)RemoteLinc - How It Works:
Use the RemoteLinc to control things like your...

  • Air Compressor
  • Dust Collector
  • Heater
  • Plug-in lights
  • ...or any plug-in appliance or light (up to 15 Amps inductive)
The RemoteLinc can control up to 6 unique ApplianceLinc's and features an All ON/All OFF button for convenient shutting down of all lights or appliances. Now you have no excuse for leaving on a radio, filter or other appliances!

Getting Started
There's 3 main components necessary to get started:
  • RemoteLinc (available in Silver & Black)
  • Access Point (plugs into any nearby wall outlet)
  • ApplianceLinc (plugs into the wall outlet and your appliance plugs into it)
RemoteLinc Starter Kits (Black or Silver)
RemoteLinc Starter Kit - BlackRemoteLinc Starter Kit - Black
$89.99                $79.99
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These 3-piece starter kits include everything you need to start controlling 1 plug-in appliance. Choose between black and silver.

To control more appliances, just add additional ApplianceLinc's.

Now for a limited time get $20 off your order when you spend $100 or more*

To receive this discount, use the following code when placing your order: EWOOD

RemoteLinc Expandability

Controlling appliances is only the beginning. How about controlling a wall switch? Or setting the temperature in your shop while you're in the house? Or how about creating lighting "scenes" where your entire house can be controlled by the press of a button? Check out some of the other available options:
RemoteLinc - More Control Options
SwitchLinc Wall SwitchesWall Switches
Replace an existing switch with a remote controllable SwitchLinc. These switches are available in Relay (On/Off only) and Dimmable versions. The relay version is perfect for controlling fluourescent lights while the dimmer is ideal for locations where you want to adjust the light intensity or just want to save energy.

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OutletLincWall Outlets
An alternative to the ApplianceLinc, the OutletLinc replaces a standard wall outlet and features one controlled outlet. This on/off outlet controls all standard appliances like fans, fluorescent lights, and many other non-dimmable devices up to 15 amps and incandescent lights up to 480 watts.
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Remote Control ThermostatTemperature
This remote-controllable thermostat replaces most standard thermostats and gives you full control from the RemoteLinc. Set the thermostat to a pre-defined setpoint or increase/decrease temperature by degrees; all done from a RemoteLinc up to 100ft away.
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EZUIRT Universal IR TransceiverInfrared Control
This device allows you to control IR equipment with your RemoteLinc such as stereo's, TV's, satellite receiver's, etc. Now you can control your stereo volume or change radio stations from the other side of the house.
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EZIO Relay ControllerLow Voltage Input/Output Relay Controller
For the more advanced DIY'er this 4-Input/2-Output Relay Controller can be used to control low-voltage devices such as contact closures, landscape lights or appliance relays. The controller allows virtually any device connected to its inputs to send INSTEON signals.
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EZRain Sprinkler ControllerIrrigation
This device is an 8-zone irrigation unit capable of controlling up to eight sprinkler valves either individually or in program sequences in response to a single INSTEON command from your PC or a standalone home automation controller.
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Security SystemSecurity Systems
Controlling all the devices above, this full-featured security kit can turn on lights when detecting motion, set back the thermostat when arming, set lights and A/V equipment to turn on randomly for a lived-in look and of course features integration with the RemoteLinc for easy arming/disarming or panic triggering.
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As you can see, the RemoteLinc is a powerful tool that has endless control possibilities. Just remember: If it runs on electricity, you can control it.

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