Woods 59018 In-Wall 7-Day Digital Programmable Timer

Set On/Off Programs for Wired-In Devices For Each Day of the Week
  • For wired-in devices
  • Replaces a standard light switch plate
  • Program up to 7 settings per day / 49 per week
  • Self-charging battery backup



List Price: $25.00

Your Savings: $4.47

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  • Custom set this programmable timer to turn lights, exhaust and ceiling fans, space heaters and other appliances on and off at certain times of the day - the settings repeat weekly, allowing you to set it and walk away; use up to 7 settings per day or 49 per week. One potential use is to turn on lights in your house when no one is home, making it appear your home is occupied, deterring burglars and increasing security. Other handy features include simple push-button settings, self-recharging battery back-up in case of power failure and compatibility with compact fluorescent bulbs. Installation is easy - it replaces a standard light switch plate and fits a standard decorator switch plate. Realize energy saving by timing appliances and lights to only be 'on' when needed!

    • Ratings:
      • 120V, 15A, 1800W Resistive
      • 120V,15A, 1800W Tungsten
      • 1HP, 120V
      • 5A, 1800W Inductive
    • Cycles: 7 cycles per day /49 per week
  • 3 Reviews

    Woods in-wall timer is the best -see why... Review by DX Hydro
    Woods in-wall timer is the best -see why...

    I have tested nearly ALL of the in-wall timers on the market and found woods to be the best. I've not just tested but have also dissected the timers!
    Most of these type timers have inadequate protection from RF and EMF type interference and will malfunction when in the vicinity of a noise source -such as a digital/electronic ballast (which are being used more often these days). The noise source need not even be in the same room or on the same circuit as the timer to cause reset and other malfunction. They just need to be nearby!
    The closest competitor was the AUBE Ti033 but the Woods model had DOUBLE the protection from interference and power surges than even the AUBE model!
    Woods uses two MOV's along with an large X2 type capacitor made for protection. This level of protection is better than what you would find in a $39 surge protector!
    I've been using these Woods timers for years -and they have my vote for best in class...
    DX ~ dxhydro.com

    Posted on 10/26/2014

    Review of 56043 Review by VICTOR
    Review of 56043

    Easiest switch on the market to use.

    Posted on 9/17/2011

    Review of 56043 Review by PAUL
    Review of 56043

    This switch is EXACTLY what I needed, and it works perfectly (handles the load current for a small water heater). Thank you!

    Posted on 5/11/2011

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