Wise Company 01-760 60 Serving Gourmet Meat Package, One Month Supply


Wise Company 01-760 60 Serving Gourmet Meat Package, One Month Supply

Proteins That Keep You Healthy During Survival Conditions
Contains 6 total delicious gourmet meats designed to accompany other Wise Company entrées Protein remains fresh and tasty for up to 15 years Container is notched making it easily stackable for vertical storage Preparing food is as easy as adding hot or cold water Unique manufacturing techniques provide the best in longevity and flavor



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  • Essential Info Are you prepared? Natural Disasters such as Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Tornados, Storms and other unexpected seeming apocalyptic events can put you and your family in an uncomfortable and desperate situation, especially when food can become scarce. Avoid such circumstances with Wise Company's 60 Serving Gourmet Meat Package, a one month supply of nutritious and filling food designed specifically to keep you and your family healthy during even the darkest of times. Packed with flavor rich lunch and dinner meats such as Southwest Style Chicken, Cheesy Beef, Stroganoff Beef, and in addition includes Long-Term Instant Rice. Wise Company also delivers innovation and sustainability with up to a 15-year shelf-life, longevity obtainable due to special packaging and manufacturing techniques. Enjoying this gourmet meat is as easy as adding hot water (or even cold water) to a bowl or the pouch itself. Stir it up with a spoon, twig, or even your finger and let it stand for a few minutes. In no time you will be enjoying a hearty serving of important life-giving protein designed to compliment the many other Wise Company entrĂ©es. Storage is easy too; the top of the lids are notched allowing for the containers to be stacked upon one and other so they won't take up precious storage space. Once empty, the containers can be used for other tasks such as waste management or storage for other important and necessary survival gear. There could be no power, running water, internet connections, and overall communication from other human beings, but at least you will have delicious and healthy food developed to help you through the tough and unsure times that national and global disasters can bring.
  • Specifications
    ManufacturerWise Company
    Manufacturer Product No.01-760
    Total Weight5 Pounds
    Supply LengthOne Month Supply
    Stackable BucketYes, Notched To Easily Stack Upon Each Other
    Bucket Dimensions15x12x10
    Shelf Life15 Years
    Storage RequirementsStore in a cool, dry place with temperatures 50 - 55 Degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • 10 Servings - Southwest Style Chicken
  • 10 - Cheesy Beef
  • 10 Servings - Savory Roasted Ground Beef
  • 10 Servings - Teriyaki Style Chicken
  • 10 Servings - Stroganoff Beef
  • 10 Servings - Roasted Chicken
  • 20 Servings - Long-Term Instant Rice

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