Wireless Extenders zBoost Grounding Kit

Wireless Extenders zBoost Grounding Kit

Antenna Ground for Wireless Extenders Outdoor Antenna



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  • An antenna ground serves two primary purposes. During an instance of stray electrical charge, such as a short or a nearby lightning strike, the antenna ground provides a lower-resistance path to a safe discharge point so that that charge won't instead reach your delicate components. Secondly, most areas of the country are bombarded with all types of radio signals. The Wireless Extender Outdoor Antenna is designed to receive only PCS/cellular signals, but its lead-in wire shield can pick up other electrical noise that can be drained off the cable at the electrical ground connection, leaving a cleaner signal when arriving at your Wireless Extender's inside unit.

    To install the Wireless Extenders zBoost Grounding Kit, determine where the strongest cell signal is available outside your home. Locate the potential ground sources: the electrical service ground rod, the grounding conductor wire attached to the ground rod, the power service cut-off or breaker box enclosures, the metallic conduit attached directly to the power service cut-off or breaker box enclosures, or the grounded interior metal cold water piping system. Use the included clamps to bond to a ground access location close to where you will mount your Wireless Extender Outdoor Antenna.

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    Wireless Extenders Product No.:YX012
    Dimensions:20' 10-AWG ground wire; 15' RG6 satellite-rated coax cable; 12" ground strap

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    Review of 9625g Review by DAVID
    Review of 9625g

    The variety of connection options is very helpful. The ground wire was a bit short for my needs.

    Posted on 1/10/2010

    Review of 9625g Review by RONALD
    Review of 9625g

    together with the zboost, next to worthless.

    Posted on 3/12/2009

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  • 20' 10-AWG ground wire
  • 15' RG6 satellite-rated coax cable
  • Dual ground block
  • 12" ground strap
  • Ground clamp
  • Meter pan ground
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