Wire-In UPB Phase Coupler

Phase Coupler Bridges Electrical Power Phases For Increased UPB Reliability
  • Phase coupler gets UPB signals from one electrical phase to the other for increased reliability
  • Built-in surge suppression protects components on both electrical phases from surge damage
  • Universal phase coupler also passes X10 and broadband frequencies


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  • Are Universal Powerline Bus (UPB)-controlled lights or appliances in one area of your house having trouble receiving signals from UPB transmitters in another area of the house? Because most homes have 2-phase 220V power that splits into two separate 110V legs, sometimes UPB signals have a hard time making the transition from one leg to the other. But connect the Wire-in UPB Phase Coupler to a junction box (sold separately) mounted near the home's power center, and it will bridge UPB signals between the two power lines in your home easily, allowing virtually all of your UPB receivers to respond to UPB signals. This universal phase coupler even passes X10 signals from one electrical phase to the other, and it also features built-in surge suppression to protect components on both electrical phases from surge damage.

    Universal Phase Coupler Also Passes X10 Signals
    Besides UPB signals, this universal phase coupler can also pass X10 and broadband frequencies. This is extremely convenient for homes using multiple automation technologies since only one phase coupler is required to deliver signals from one electrical phase to the other.

    Inverting Phase Coupler Compensates for Inverted Signals
    Unlike conventional phase couplers, the Wire-in UPB Phase Coupler is an inverting phase coupler, meaning that it compensates for inverted signals reflected back from street-side power distribution transformers. Inverted signals can have a canceling effect on source signals even when using conventional phase couplers, an issue eliminated by the Wire-in UPB Phase Coupler. A universal inverting phase coupler is recommended on every main power panel and sub-panel in a residence to ensure maximum signal strength.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Simply Automated
    Manufacturer Product No.: ZPCI-W
    Dimensions: 4.10" H x 1.75" W x 1.44" D (104 x 45 x 37mm)
    Weight: 3.8 oz. (108g)
    Mounting: Standard junction box
    Operating Voltage: 2 phase, 120VAC+/- 10% per phase
    Voltage Suppression: 500V L-N, 900V L-L
    Peak Voltage Current: 27,000A per phase
    Operating Temperature: -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C)

  • 6 Reviews

    Review of 22934a Review by CAREY
    Review of 22934a

    Didn't correct the problem

    Posted on 2/22/2014

    Review of 22934a Review by CATHERINE
    Review of 22934a

    Would order from again

    Posted on 1/17/2014

    Review of 22934a Review by BARRY
    Review of 22934a

    Easy to use, easy to understand instructions. Expands the cabability of my network

    Posted on 8/17/2013

    Review of 22934a Review by Millard
    Review of 22934a

    This phase coupler works great in most applications, even for x10. Be sure to remove any other x10 or non-inverting phase couplers when using this. Also, only in applications where the street side transformer is far 200 feet from the home, or when there is some other large capacitive load e.g. AV power conditioner will the non-inverting / old style HAI couplers work better.

    Posted on 7/19/2010

    Review of 22934a Review by DENNIS
    Review of 22934a

    The Phase coupler works great

    Posted on 12/28/2008

    Review of 22934a Review by KLAUS
    Review of 22934a

    I replaced an HAI wire-in phase coupler with this one. The HAI blew during a power spike and it worked perfectly until it blew. This coupler, however, did not work well at all. My system was about almost as 'unreliable' as without a coupler. I returned it an - again - installed an HAI coupler and since then my system is working again.

    Posted on 9/2/2008

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