Wink Connected Home Smart Hub

Wink PWHUB-WH01 Connected Home Smart Hub

Conveniently Control All Your Connected Devices from One App
 ACTIVITY: Monitor activity in your home.
 SHORTCUTS: Make buttons to quickly control anything.
 ROBOTS: Setup rules to automate your life.
 SAFE AND SECURE: Data and usage is encrypted.
 FREE TO USE: No monthly fees or contracts, EVER!
 CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Get help from a human any time.
Additional Features:
  • Compatible with Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Lutron ClearConnect
  • Control everything from a single app - iOS and Android available)
  • Monitor your connected home 24/7 from anywhere
  • Receive status alerts via text or email

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    • As technology continues to grow so do our capabilities for using it to automate, control and simplify our lives. But with so many different wireless protocols available today for smart products, a lot of us run into the problem of having to manage them from a variety of apps if we want to use products from multiple brands and/or technologies. Doing this means you may have one app to control your Z-Wave door lock, one to control the Wi-Fi thermostat, another for the Bluetooth lighting, and so on. The Wink Connected Home Smart Hub solves the problem of having to manage your connected home from several apps as it has the ability to speak multiple wireless communicating languages.

      This key feature allows the Hub to act as the brain for your compatible communicating products. Different communicating protocols use their own unique wireless frequencies and the Wink Hub is capable of receiving these unique signals and communicating back to the product a command in the same wireless frequency. Because it’s capable of doing this for a variety of wireless protocols you can now control products from multiple brands using a single intuitive app on your smart device.

      Additionally the Hub doesn't have any service contracts, setup fees or monitoring fees that will continue to attack your wallet each month. It supports products that wirelessly communicate using Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LTE, Lutron Clear Connect and Kidde frequencies. The Wink Connected Home Smart Hub is capable of having hundreds of products added to it for control but the actual total number will vary depending upon the protocols of the products added. For example, if you have a home consisting entirely of Z-Wave products, the Wink Hub can support and control up to 230 devices. What types of Z-Wave devices will the Wink Hub work with? Being a Z-Wave Plus certified controller, the Wink Hub will support basic functionality of Z-Wave door locks, On/Off switches, light dimmer switches, window coverings and thermostats.

      Compatible Brands

      Wink Hub - The Center of Your Home Automation Ecosystem

      Featured Wink App Compatible Products

      Quirky Pivot Power Genius Smart Power Strip Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Kwikset Smartcode Wireless Z-wave Deadbolt

      Wink App Compatible vs. Wink App Ready

      Products that are Wink App Compatible must be connected through a Wink HUB. The Wink HUB allows these products to connect with the Wink App (available for iOS and Android) and interact with other Wink App Compatible or Wink App Ready products – see below. They use communications like Z-Wave, Zigbee and ClearConnect to improve battery life and extend the range of smart products around your home. The Wink HUB allows them to speak the same language, so you can easily control them – and customize their interactions – all from the Wink App. Click on the icon to the left for additional Wink App Compatible products.

      Products that are Wink App Ready have Wink technology built in and can connect directly to the Wink App (available for iOS and Android) without the assistance of the Wink HUB. Once connected, the Wink App allows you to interact with other Wink App Ready or Wink App Compatible products. Wink App Ready devices use Wi-Fi to connect to your wireless router and communicate with the Wink App - so you can easily control them and and customize their interactions. Click on the icon to the left for additional Wink App Ready products.

      Wink App

      The Wink App allows you to access and control all of your Wink App Compatible and Wink App Ready devices. You can monitor devices while you’re away, unlock doors remotely, adjust your thermostat, receive text/email status alerts and more. From the Wink App you’ll have 24/7 monitoring capabilities of your home, provided you have internet access to connect to the App. The App is available in the iTunes App Store for devices running iOS 7.0 or later (optimized for iPhone) and in the Google Play Store for devices running Android 2.3 and up.



      3-Step Setup

    • Specifications
      Manufacturer Product No.PWHUB-WH01
      Dimensions8.75in x 2.75in x 8.75in
      Weight2 lbs
      Compatible Wireless TechnologiesZ-Wave
      Lutron Clear Connect
      Wink AppAvailable in iTunes App Store and Google Play Store
      iOS Requirements7.0 or later
      Android Requirements2.3 and up
      Hub Status LightFlashing Pink=disconnected from Wi-Fi network
      Flashing Yellow=attempting Wi-Fi connection
      Solid Blue=connected to Wi-Fi network
      Flashing Blue=pairing mode
      Red Light after Blue Flashing=failed to connect with device
      Green Light after Blue Flashing=successfully connected with device
      Max DevicesWill vary depending upon types of products and technologies–can accept 230 Z-Wave products
    • 8 Reviews

      Pretty great product now that the bugs have been worked out Review by Adonlude
      Pretty great product now that the bugs have been worked out

      This product seems to have gotten a bad rap due to initial release issues but that must all be in the past because mine is great. I control Hue colored lights, Regular lights, 2 Nest Cameras, 3 Magnetic window sensors and 1 IR motion sensor all through my Wink Hub. Its basically my lighting and security system controller. With Tasker on my Android phone I have it all working through "hey Google" voice commands. The Wink Hub can do a whole lot.

      Posted on 2/19/2016

      Wink hub Review by Roll
      Wink hub

      This product sucks I've lost communication with my electronic locks

      Posted on 11/8/2015

      Wink Products Come with a High Cost Beyond Product Price Review by Tri-State Security
      Wink Products Come with a High Cost Beyond Product Price

      Wink has lost my company thousands of dollars. In one act of poor judgment Wink disabled systems in 18 of my customers homes in the latest of a long series of bugs in their system. This time the products are completely bricked and will not function. Even worse, Wink is not being honest in the damage control spins with the press. They did not notify all customers, their DNS fix does not work for the majority of systems, and their two-day expedited shipping is more like one to two weeks. We spent days at our customer's homes trying to fix the problem since wink did not notify us. We're in the third week of outages for our customers and we have not received a single return product after multiple requests. Some of our customers have asked us to pull the product and we are and giving them a full refund. What is Wink's policy... they will not accept and offer refunds for any products customers no longer want due to the poor quality of the technology and the support. If they had any integrity, they would drop the marketing spins and damage control in the press, improve their support, and take back any products that customers are tired of being disappointed with. And I agree, a $50 gift card - shipping - their profit margin is BS. Wink, stand behind your product and give refunds on returns. That would be standing by your product. When a car has a recall is in not usually because the car stopped working for us in the middle of the highway... and it doesn't cost us thousands of dollars in lost profit and then lost customers. This product needs to come off the market and the management at GE, Quirky and Wink to fix the leadership problems regarding quality and support. We lost thousands of dollars and recurring revenue, but Wink is giving what amounts to a $15-$20 consideration!!?? In the third week, how many more customers will I lose because of this product. Wink needs to go back to the drawing board and retailers like Home Depot should not put this product back on the shelf.

      Posted on 5/7/2015

      Unreliable, but simple to use Review by Matteee
      Unreliable, but simple to use

      The system is very simple to use, easy for those less technologically enabled to use. This device only requires a power input and works off of the wifi in the home, that is its weakness.... It drops connection with the internet creating the issue of not being able to control "smart" devices linked to it.

      Posted on 3/24/2015

      Awesome Product Review by JimP
      Awesome Product

      This is a great product for home automation. It connects my Nest, GE Smart lighting, and LUTRON switches all in one app. Loading new products to the app is extremely simple, and everything works flawlessly. The robots and groups make it even easier to control multiple products with once click.

      Posted on 2/15/2015

      Great idea but still has some bugs Review by Mark
      Great idea but still has some bugs

      I bought this a couple weeks ago at Home Depot for a special price of $.50. I like that it communicates with zwave, zigbee, and other formats. But it still has some bugs. Last night nothing worked. When I finally got thru to their support, I was told their server was down. No way of knowing that. I told them I was also having problems about once a week with scheduled lights not turning on or off. She said they were working on that. It's aggravating for it to randomly stop working. Why didn't they put an ethernet port on it? I have an outlet nearby and it would be much more reliable.

      Posted on 10/8/2014

      No Insteon = No Good for Loyal Smarthome Customer Review by CS
      No Insteon = No Good for Loyal Smarthome Customer

      After investing thousands of dollars in insteon devices over the years and developing a great solution, how come no one else speaks to it? I'd buy a Wink Hub in a nanosecond if it spoke Insteon. Sadly this makes me think that my huge investment in Smarthome's products is reaching a dead end.

      Posted on 10/7/2014

      No Insteon Review by Chris
      No Insteon

      We need a modern Insteon bridge.

      Posted on 10/7/2014

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