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WigWag WWRELAY001 Lighting Relay

Easily Automate and Secure Your Home
  • Allows you to control, monitor and automate smart devices in your home
  • Add sensors and rules to personalize your home, secure it or save energy
  • Control smart lights, switches, and sensors including Philips Hue, LIFX, Aeon Labs, GE, OSRAM, and WeMo
  • WigWay app provides control from your smart device (see below)
  • Works with Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6loWPAN and WiFi smart devices
  • Relay stays smart with updates and additional device support
  • Hardware is expandable with additional protocol modules



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    Security is Built In

    To protect your home from virtual threats, each WigWag device is encrypted individually using AES 128-bit encryption. Then the encryption key is updated every 4 hours. That’s like having a locksmith change your door locks 6 times a day.


    Strong Where Wi-fi is Weak

    WigWag’s meshing technology expands your IoT network as you add more bulbs, so it will work even where WiFi struggles. The advanced routing and broadcast technology ensures ultra-fast response times.


    Precision Indoor Positioning

    Filament includes support for WigWag’s Spatial Indoor Positioning System (SIPS) technology, that, when combined with WigWag Tag (Summer 2016 Release), will enable precision indoor positioning of people, pets and objects.

    Make it Automatic

    Make your home Automatic using the WigWag Rule Builder web application to create simple or complex home automation rules with ease. The Rule Builder supports nested conditionals, opening up limitless automation possibilities. Rules execute locally, so they continue to work even if the Internet goes down. Create simple rules on-the-go with the mobile application, or use the Moods function to store your favorite device settings. Whether you're looking to increase safety, save energy or just make you life more convenient; with the WigWag Rule Builder you'll be automating – just like the pros.


    Choose this option if you already own the Wigwag Central Controller, or to add additional bulbs to your home. Filament bulbs deliver up to 800 lumens of cool to warm whites and millions of true colors, so you can wake gradually, increase your workday focus, or create a relaxing evening colorscape.

    Each Filament smart LED bulb is adjustable, dimmable, bright, efficient and comes packed with powerful technology that enables them to be super responsive to commands, to reconnect quickly, and because they form a mesh network that expands as you add bulbs, they work even where your WiFi struggles with dead spots.

    Click here to visit the Filament page


    Intuitive & Customizable


    Easy Setup

    Use the app to easily manage and securely add new lights and other devices to your network.

    Fit Your Mood

    Customize your lights to emit certain colors or levels of dimness with the Moods feature. Group with additional devices to have them all respond with a single tap.


    When your devices are listed the way your home is actually organized, control becomes easier. Create locations and sublocations based on the layout of your home.


    Set the perfect lighting for working, reading, relaxing or whatever the day or night may bring.

                               Get the App Here

  • General
    Manufacturer Product No.WWRELAY001
    Ethernet10/100 (Single RJ45)
    Communication Protocol6LoWPAN via WigWag internal module
    Z-Wave Compatible via Z-Wave internal module
    ZigBee Compatible via ZigBee internal module
    IP/WiFi Compatible
    Range6LoWPAN: Up to 150 meters (~500ft)
    Z-Wave: Up to 100 meters (300ft)
    ZigBee: Up to 100 meters (300ft)
    ApplicationsDeviceJS by WigWag
    Dimensions5.75" H x 5.75" W x 1.25" D
    Weight9 oz
    Processors and MemoryARM Cortex A7 dual-core @ 800GHz with Mali-400MP2 GPU
    Memory: 512MB DDR3 RAM Embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC)
    Connectors1 AC Power Jack
    1 RJ-45
    2 USB expansion ports
    Power AdapterInput: 120V
    Output: 120V AC to 12V DC @ 1A
    ComplianceFCC, UL (power-supply)
    OperationTemperature: N/A
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  • •  1x - WigWag Relay
    •  1x - Ethernet Cable
    •  1x - Power Supply
    •  1x - Instruction Card

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