Westek TM08DHB Designer Series Indoor Power Strip Timer

Automates Up to 4 Plug-in Lights or Appliances and Includes 4 Additional Non-Controlled Outlets
  • Decorative cover hides controls to make timer less obtrusive
  • Features 96 on/off settings per day, in 15 minutes increments
  • Non-removable pegs that can't be lost by user
  • Accepts 3-prong plug, 1800-watts max
  • 8 outlets on the power strip (4 controlled / 4 non-controlled)
  • Manual override and master switch/circuit breaker
  • Indoor use only



List Price: $19.99

Your Savings: $7.50

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  • The Westek Indoor Power Strip Timer is an easy to use 24 hour timer combined with an 8 outlet power strip. Four outlets are controlled by the timer and 4 are independent (always on), providing the ultimate in flexibility. You can program in 15 minute increments, up to 48 on and 48 off settings per day. Decorative cover hides and protects timer dial and settings. Non-removable pegs can't be lost by user. Use it for a few indoor lights to keep you from coming home to a dark house or to give your home that lived-in appearance which will help deter criminals while you are away. By limiting the amount of time your lights are on, you can significantly reduce the amount of energy being used and eliminate the cost for that energy. It is a great low cost to automate your lighting up to 1875W (or 15 amps) and control the amount of power they are using. All outlets are 3-prong grounded. UL listed.

    Manual Override Function
    You can override the programmed setting temporarily (i.e. turn the lamps/appliances ON when the timer is set to OFF or turn the lamps/appliances OFF when the timer is set to ON.)

    Master Switch/Circuit Breaker
    You can turn off power to ALL of the lights/appliances which are plugged into the power strip. In addition, when the unit is overloaded (when the combined wattage of the lamps/appliances exceed the capacity of the timer), the power will automatically turn off.
  • 3 Reviews

    Not able to take 15 amps Review by PHC
    Not able to take 15 amps

    I ran this timer for 3 sets of lights for a total of 8 amps. It worked great for a month or two then it started to turn off for a moment and then back on again. At first just a little here and there. After another month it would shut off more often and for longer and gradually hardly turned on at all. I took it apart isolated the problem to a piece of plastic that holds the switch box in place. There was a smell of over heated plastic and the plastic tab was browned and bent away form the switch box causing it not to turn on when the dial cam should have activated it.
    This switch is rated at 15 amps, has 4 timed sockets and 4 always on sockets. It run at 1/2 capacity it will gradually fail. Otherwise the design is great. If you never run more that maybe 4 amps it should work. 8 amps use is going to burn it out.

    Posted on 6/20/2015

    Review of 5411 Review by GREG
    Review of 5411


    Posted on 11/16/2011

    Review of 5411 Review by MATT
    Review of 5411

    while in an attractive case, the timer blew within a week, taking out that entire bank of switches with it, bad news

    Posted on 4/12/2011

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