Web Mountain Technologies TIM-01 Gen2 UPB Timer / Scheduler

Control UPB Devices and Scenes Manually or on a Timer Basis
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time and leap years
  • Astronomical clock for sunset and sunrise programs
  • Vacation mode to make house look occupied
  • Battery backup and non-volatile storage
  • Up to 99 separate programs
  • Turn any UPB module into a countdown/delay timer
  • Great for bathroom fans, closet lights, motion detectors, etc.
  • Synchronizes with national power grid for increased clock accuracy



List Price: $159.95

Your Savings: $49.17

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  • The Web Mountain Technologies TIM-01 Gen2 UPB Timer / Scheduler is one of the most advanced standalone timer-controllers on the market today. It can easily be programmed to control individual UPB devices or UPB scenes either manually or on a timed basis. Using the Timer's buttons, you can manually control 4 scenes. Using either the timed function or the manual buttons, you can have all your lights and appliances go on and off at your command or at preset times to give your home a lived-in look while you are away. The TIM-01 can enable any UPB device to be a countdown or delay timer. Set up as many as 99 triggers that operate by watching for a UPB Link indicating that a UPB module turned a light or appliance on, then waiting a pre-defined amount of time before turning that same Link (or any other UPB Link) back off.

    The TIM-01 UPB Timer / Scheduler plugs into any AC outlet in your home and transmits digitally encoded signals over your house wiring instantly or at the times you set. These signals are received by the UPB Modules in your home. You can plug a lamp into a UPB Lamp Module, an appliance such as a TV, stereo or coffee pot into a UPB Appliance Module and replace important indoor or outdoor security lights with UPB Wall Dimmers. The TIM-01 will enable you to turn these devices on and off at scheduled times and/or turn each module into a separate delay or count-down timer.
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