Wagan Tech 2537-5 Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter

Wagan Tech 2537-5 Twin USB/DC Cup Holder Adapter

Charge Your Cell Phone, iPod, iPad, PDA or MP3 While Still Using Your Radar Detector or GPS
  • Powers two 12 Volt electronic items and two USB devices
  • Provides two 12 Volt DC power outlets
  • Provides full 2.1 Amp if only 1 USB port is used, if both USB's are used, each will provide 1 Amp
  • Short cylindrical body shape fits snugly into most standard cup holder inserts
  • 4 LED lights to warn of low battery level



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  • The Wagan 2537-5 Twin USB and 12V DC Cup Holder Power Adapter is an ideal way to increase power options for multiple gadgets and handhelds used in vehicles when only DC power is available. The unit converts the power of a single 12-volt DC outlet into two USB power ports and two 12-volt DC power outlets. Additional features include a body designed to fit securely into a standard cup holder and a LED vehicle battery level indicator light system that that monitors the power that you are drawing from your vehicle battery.

    Power Multiple Electronics At Once
    The Wagan EL2537-5 Twin USB and 12-volt DC Cup Holder Power Adapter now includes two USB power ports, making it an essential 12-volt item for anyone who uses multiple electronics on the go. The powerful 5-volt/2-amp USB ports built into the Wagan EL2537-5, combined with its two DC power ports, make it compatible with the iPad and other tablet computers. Plus you can also charge electronics such as your e-reader, cell phone, MP3 player, etc. while using your GPS, radar detector or satellite radio. Simply plug this item into your vehicle's 12-volt outlet and plug in your appliances. It conveniently fits into your existing cup holder so you have a central location for all your devices.

    Test Vehicle Battery Level Feature
    Although use of your vehicle's cigarette lighter adapter/12-volt DC power outlet to provide power to handheld and/or in-vehicle devices is convenient, it is important to realize that in doing so you are potentially using power that your vehicle battery needs to operate its electrical systems properly. This includes starting your motor. For this reason DC powering/charging is best done while the engine is running, allowing your battery to recharge itself. Charging can be done while the engine is off, but you risk depleting your battery if this is not done carefully. This is where the Wagan EL2537-5's vehicle battery test level functionality comes in. Consisting of a prominent series of LED lights at the top of the unit, it is designed to keep you aware of the affect your DC power charging is having on your vehicle battery. To test the current state of your battery capacity, turn off the engine for ten minutes and check the unit's LEDs. (Socket may not be live with ignition off). The EL2537-5 also allows you to monitor the status of your battery while you are charging devices via DC power outlet. In either case LED system has a light for each of the following statuses: Low, 12V, Mid and High.

    • 4 lights = good battery
    • 3 lights = normal battery
    • 2 lights = weak battery (possible fault in charging system)
    • 1 light = battery needs charging (possible fault in charging system)
    • No lights = No capacity, replace battery (voltage < 3V) and check your charging system

  • Manufacturer Wagan Tech
    Manufacturer Product No 2537-5
    UPC 84367253750
    Ports Two 12V Sockets
    Two 5V 2.1A USB (2.1A if only one is being used)
    Input Voltage 12V DC
    Output Voltage 5V DC, 12V DC
    Maximum Output Current 10 Amps
    Manufacturer Warranty One Year Limited
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