Volt-Star EPC-1000-7 EcoCharger with Apple Adapter

Volt-Star EPC-1000-7 EcoCharger with Apple Adapter

Automatically Disconnects from AC Power Once Your Device is Fully-Charged to Save Energy
  • Saves energy by disconnecting itself from the AC outlet when charging is complete - no phantom load
  • High efficiency design saves energy while charging
  • Charges any 5 Volt device
  • Heavy-duty surge protection protects your portable device
  • Over voltage and over current protection



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  • The Volt-Star EcoCharger with Apple Adapter is the most convenient way to charge your portable Apple devices while eliminating the wasted idle power that the typical charger consumes when left plugged-in all the time.

    Unlike other chargers that claim reduced idle current when left plugged in, The EcoCharger consumes ZERO idle current. You no longer need to unplug your charger to save energy. The EcoCharger also saves energy while charging your device due to its high efficiency Energy Star II compliant design.

    Just press a button conveniently located at the end of the charging cable when you want to charge your portable device. The EcoCharger will charge your device and automatically disconnect the charger from the AC outlet when it senses that the phone is charged. A small LED status indicator turns off when charging is complete. This automatic shut-off also lengthens the life of your Li-Ion battery by limiting the topping-off charging time.

    The EcoCharger has built-in heavy-duty surge protection not found in typical chargers to protect your portable device from damaging power line surges that can cripple your portable device.

    Unlike the throwaway chargers you receive with each portable device you buy, the EcoCharger has been designed to last for several generations of portable devices you may own. Most major portable devices manufacturers are standardizing on a common charging interface for future cell phones and other portable devices. The goal is to reduce the huge number of throwaway chargers entering the waste stream. Future portable devices may not be packaged with chargers. The EcoCharger is compliant to this industry standard making it a wise choice for future devices you may own.

    A Micro USB Adapter and Apple Adapter are also available.
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    Review of 64122 Review by TIM
    Review of 64122

    Automatic shut-off a real plus.

    Posted on 5/26/2012

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