Vitek VT-EH16/2T 16 Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder, 2TB Hard Drive

Vitek VT-EH16/2T 16 Channel H.264 Digital Video Recorder, 2TB Hard Drive

16 Channel DVR Offers Exceptional Video Storage Capacity with Online Monitoring
  • 16 video inputs with 1 main, 1 spot monitor output and 1 DVI output
  • Supports both dynamic and static IP addresses
  • "Quick Search" function for automatic review
  • 16 alarm inputs / 1 relay out
  • 4 audio inputs & 1 audio output



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  • Your security DVR is the heart of your home surveillance system, and the Vitek line of H.264 Digital Video Recorders gives you the ultimate in features to keep your property safe and secure. This advanced device records 16 video channels to its 2 Terabyte hard drive.

    This unit can be controlled locally via the front panel, USB mouse, or with the included IT remote. Internet, LAN, and mobile device monitoring are also available. Backup is available via ethernet or USB, and automatic health and event notifications can be set up through email.

    This item is also available in the following hard drive sizes:
    • 250GB
    • 500GB
    • 1TB
    • 4TB

      Smarthome does not accept defective returns for this product. You will need to contact the Manufacturer (or Supplier) directly for all warranty issues.

    • VITEK EH Series DVR Viewer iPhone App now available in the iTunes Store.
    • H.264 Compression
    • Up to 240 IPS Recording / 480 IPS Live Display
    • Remote Viewing over the Internet, LAN, or Windows Mobile based PDA and iPhone.
    • Supports two internal Hard Drives
    • Automatic sending of Health and Event notifications via email
    • Control locally via Front Panel, USB Mouse or with the Included IR Remote control
    • PTZ Control over RS-485
    • Backup via Ethernet or USB
    • Built-In Bandwidth Throttling
    • Rack Kit "Ears" Available (VT-E RK)

    • Video Compression: H.264 Codec(DSP Based)
    • FPS (Display / Recording): 480 / 240
    • Operating System: LINUX
    • Pentaplex Function: Simutaneous Record/Playback/Network/Backup
    • DVI Output: 1280X1024
    • BNC Output Monitor: 1 Composite(BNC) / Spot: 1 Composite(BNC)
    • Loop-out: N/A
    • Spit-Screen (Live / Playback): 1,4,6,8,9,16 / 1,4,16
    • Audio In/Out: 4 Line in(RCA)/ 1 Line out(RCA), CODEC:G.711
    • Storage: Up to 2 HDD's(SATA)
    • Archive: USB Device, CD/DVD-RW & Network
    • USB Port: 2 (front)
    • PTZ & Keyboard control: RS-485
    • System Control: USB Mouse, Front button, Remote controller & Keyboard controller
    • Network: LAN, DHCP, Dynamic IP, DDNS
    • Digital Zoom: None
    • Search: Calendar, Event
    • Playback Rate: Up to 240fps @ 352x240 / Up to 200fps @ 352x288, Up to 120fps @ 704x240 / Up to 100fps @ 704x288, Up to 60fps @ 704x480 / Up to 50fps @ 704x576
    • PTZ: Supported most of PTZ protocol, Preset up to 255
    • Motion Area Setting: Adjustable GRID(16X16), 10 Steps Sensitivity Level
    • Recording Resolution Setting: By each camera for different resoultion setting(CIF/2CIF/D1)
    • Recording Quality Control: 4 Levels (Low/Standard/High/Highest)
    • Recording Schedule: By hour, by day, by recording mode, By alarm, By Ch
    • Panic Record: Overrides all other recording settings to provide the best quality recording
    • Pre-recording: Max. 5 seconds
    • Post-recording: Max. 180 seconds
    • Archive Device: CD/DVD/USB device
    • File Format: AVI file
    • Player: Backup player, Window Media Player and HDD PC Viewer
    • E-mail notification: E-mails to specific users to notify events
    • System Configuration: Full setup configuration over network
    • Bandwidth limit: Limitable the Network Bandwidth by User
    • Two-Way Audio: Communication with RemoteSW
    • Watermark: Watermarked Video & Audio for security
    • POS: Supported
    • Power: 12V Adaptor, 5A, 100~220VAC, 50~60Hz
    • Operating Temperature: 32° ~ 104° F (0° ~ 40° C)
    • Humidity 10 ~ 90% NC
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    The good: After read Review by Ian
    The good: After read

    The good: After reading the maaulns I was able to install the system and get it operating at the level I desired. It has lots of built in sub-menu screens in the programs that make it easy to set up each sensor and the type of response you desire for your specific home.The 4 button keychain remotes work great. The three maaulns seem overwhelming at first but an included summary sheet highlights most of the basic programming that I needed. Programming is done using the control units touch screen and the maaulns have examples of what the different options do.Most of the problems I had were minor and easy to figure out after referring back to one or more of the maaulns. I learned that some sensors can have more than one trigger (loop). For example if the door is opened an alarm will sound but also if the sensor case is tampered with that also will trigger an alarm report. It took me a little time to understand loops, reports, faults, and other jargon used in the maaulns but it all makes sense. Just take your time. Programming changes are easy to make.I really like the control unit voice telling you what is going on and the control unit screen is very readable and menus well layed out.The not so good: From other reviews I understand that Honeywell/Ademco will only answer calls or assist with technical questions or problems from LICENSED installers not retail customers. If you think you may need technical support you will want to confirm this before you buy. 2. You need to buy some at least 20 gauge alarm wire and then attach the 9 volt power plug to the power terminals inside the control unit. You also should attach a grounding wire according to the diagrams and instructions. I didn't link it to our landline system so I can't address that. Note that the power terminals are marked negative and positive so don't get them reversed.3. I don't recommend buying the L5000 kit, just buy the control unit. The door/window sensors that come with the kit are the older type that seems bulky to me. Consider just buying the control unit alone and then buy the more modern much smaller 5820L wireless sensors and keychain or keypad remotes. The door/window sensor cases and magnets I intend to paint to match our doors.Other I didn't get any alarm window stickers in the box. But I already have a couple of small ones visible on our exterior doors and windows. Hey, it can't hurt right, better a burglar knows you have an alarm systems before he breaks one of your doors or windows and then finds out.The double sided mounting tape did pull off some door paint when I was repositioning it. So you may want to only use a little tape it you want to move things around initially and then use full strips or screws for final mounting of door sensors.I chose this system because it had good reviews except for lack of tech support for non Installers. Also, my wife and I will appreciate the simplicity of having to only use our keychain remotes to operate all the main functions. A wireless keypad can also be purchased for outside mounting if desired.

    Posted on 10/26/2015

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    • 16 Channel, 2TB DVR Unit
    • IR Remote

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