Velleman VL6278U Universal NiMh and NiCd Smart Charger with LCD Display

Velleman VL6278U Universal NiMh and NiCd Smart Charger with LCD Display

LCD Display Lets You Know the Status of Your Charge
  • Charges NiMH and NiCd Batteries
  • Supports AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 Volt Batteries
  • Monitor the status of your charge via the LCD display



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  • The Velleman VL6278U Universal Battery Charger can charge AA, AAA, C, D and even 9 Volt NiMH and NiCd batteries. The Delta-V detection system prevents overcharging that can damage your batteries. The battery charger also includes a refresh function that allows partial recovery of the capacity of low-energy Ni-CD batteries. This charger includes protection against short circuits and polarity reversal. Includes an LCD display that lets you monitor the status of your batteries as they charge.

    • For NiMH & NiCd batteries
    • LCD display: lets you monitor the batteries' status
    • Recharges 1 to 4 AAA, AA, C & D batteries and 1 or 2 E-block 9V-batteries
    • Charge and discharge function
    • Uses a charging system with pulses of constant current
    • With negative delta-V cutoff function
    • Protection against short circuits and polarity reversal
    • Identification of defective batteries

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Velleman
    Manufacturer Product No. VL6278U
    UPC 5410329366995
    Battery Type NiMH and NiCd
    Battery Size AA , AAA, C, D or 9 Volt
    Battery Capacity 1 to 4 AA, AAA, C or D Batteries
    1 or 2 E-block 9V-batteries
    Power Supply DC 12V 100~240V/50Hz AC/DC adapter
    Dimensions 7 1/2" x 5 1/16" x 2 13/32"
    Charge Current AA, C & D: 1000mA
    AAA: 500mA
    9V E-block: N/A
    Trickle Charge Current AA, C & D: 100mA
    AAA: 50mA
    9V E-block: 1.3mA
    LED Indication Red - Charging
    Yellow - Discharging
    Green - Ready
    Charging Time AAA: 240mAh=> 0.7hrs
    AAA: 700mAh=> 2.0hrs
    AAA: 850mAh=> 2.4hrs
    AAA: 950mAh=> 2.7hrs
    AA: 500mAh=>0.7hrs
    AA: 700mAh=>1.0 hrs
    AA: 1200mAh=>1.7hrs
    AA: 1500mAh=>2.1hrs
    AA: 1800mAh=>2.5hrs
    AA: 2000mAh=>2.5hrs
    AA: 2100mAh=>2.9hrs
    AA: 220mAh=>3.1hrs
    AA: 2300mAh=>3.2hrs
    AA: 2400mAh=>3.4hrs
    AA: 2500mAh=>3.5hrs
    AA: 2600mAh=>3.6hrs
    AA: 2700mAh=>3.8hrs
    AA: 2800mAh=>3.9hrs
    9V: 100mAh=>10.8hrs
    9V: 140mAh=>15.1hrs
    C: 1800mAh=>2.5hrs
    D: 2000mAh=>2.8hrs
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