Velleman K8010 Tube Class A Mono Amplifier, 65W RMS

Velleman K8010 Tube Class A Mono Amplifier, 65W RMS

Mono Tube Amplifier Kit Delivers Smooth Powerful Sound Quality with Deep, Warm Bass
  • Provides and entire kit ready for you to assemble
  • Features KT88 tubes in a push-pull combination for excellent sound quality
  • Custom oversized toroid output and power transformers
  • Heavy duty, gold plated speaker and RCA connection points
  • Designed around one PCB for effortless assembly and wiring



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  • Some people enjoy building model airplanes while others enjoy crafting things from wood. However, if premium sound quality is important to you or if you are an audiophile who loves to get involved with the hands-on aspect of audio equipment, then the K8010 Tube Class A Mono Amplifier kit from Valleman may just be the product for you. This kit comes with unique features to assure that it delivers the best in an audio listening experience. Warm, smooth, and rich audio is obtained with four KT88 tubes setup in a push-pull combination. Such a configuration helps to maintain that excellent sound quality is delivered to the listener and as the tubes break-in and age, music quality becomes richer further enhancing the listening experience. The K8010 will literally continue to deliver quality audio as time goes on while those who enjoy Tube Rolling will take pleasure in finding that right set of tubes to satisfy their ears. Heavy duty oversized toroid output and power transformers as well as gold plated speaker and RCA connectors help to reinforce the overall sound quality of the K8010.

    This clean sounding, low distortion amplifier can push up to 65 watts of RMS power to one speakers, providing plenty of volume and thump so you can actually feel the music. Convenient features consisting of a standby mode to support for tube longevity, a soft start circuit which prevents fuse tripping at power-up, a single PCB design for ease of assembly and wiring, a removable cabinet bottom to aid in servicing, and easy bias adjustment with LED readout complete this quality kit. The chrome finish and buff cabinet feet make it easy on the eyes so you can sit back and enjoy the music. This kit is riddled with quality parts from the inside and outside. If you have the skills and the knowhow, then the end result earned by assembling the K8010 kit will be more than gratifying.

    Note: This is a Mono Amplifier. To obtain Stereo, each speaker cabinet would require its own individual K8010 kit. That's one for the left speaker and one for the right. The Velleman K8010 comes as a kit with all required pieces for assembly. Tools must be supplied by you. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being easiest, 5 being hardest), Velleman rates this kit as a 5 for the skills needed to assemble this kit. Velleman requires the following tools for proper assembly: a 25-40W soldering iron with a small tip, thin rosin-core solder (no flux or grease), a diagonal cutter for wires, needle nose pliers, a small blade, a Phillips screwdriver, and a basic millimeter.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Velleman
    Manufacturer Product No. K8010
    UPC 5410329080105
    Ultra Linear Output Transformer Yes
    Tubes 4x - KT88, 1x - ECC81, 1x - ECC82
    Output Power 65W RMS Class A in 4ohm or 8ohm | 85W RMS Max
    Switch-on Delay for Transformer 0.5s
    Switch-on Delay for Tubes Approx. 1 Minute
    Bandwidth 8Hz to 80kHz (-3dB/1W)
    Frequency Range 4Hz - 90kHz (-3dB/1W)
    Harmonic Distortion 0.1% at 1W/1kHz | 0.7% 65W/1kHz
    Signal/Noise Ratio >110dB (A-Weighted wrt 85W)
    Input Impedance 100Kohm
    Input Sensitivity 1V RMS Minimum (Adjustable)
    Damping Factor (100Hz): > 12
    Supply Voltage 100, 120, 230 or 245V AC
    Map. Power Consumption 300VA
    Standby Circuit Yes
    Built-in Bias Current Indicator Yes
    Ultra Linear Output Transformer Yes
    Dimensions 14.2W x 14.2D x 6.3H Inches

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