USB 2.0 Manual Share 4 Port Switch

USB 2.0 Manual Share 4 Port Switch

USB Switch Enables Multiple Computers to Access and Share USB Devices
  • Allows up to four computers to conveniently share the same peripheral device
  • Compliant with USB 2.0 specification
  • Switch among computers by using a 'hot key' from keyboard
  • Provides bus-power of 100mA per port
  • 4 LED (green) port status indicators



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  • The USB 2.0 Manual Share 4 Port Switch is a great computer system adapter that allows up to four computers in the same home access to the same peripheral device such as a printer, scanner or mass storage hard drive. It can be used to create a network printer that is shared by everyone or even as a way to share multimedia such as music and videos. Simply connect a USB peripheral device of your choice to the input of the switch, then connect up to four PC computers to the output of the switch via USB. For long runs of USB cable from a computer to the switch, a USB balun is sold separately. No software is necessary for installation; each computer will recognize the switch automatically, which is confirmed by a solid LED light on the corresponding switch input. Accessing the shared peripheral is as easy as double clicking the 'Hot Key' (Scroll Lock) from any of the connected computers. A small investment in this switch saves you money in long run, as you won't have the expense of purchasing, maintaining and consuming energy from the same type of peripheral device for every computer in your home.

    Sharing More Than One Peripheral
    By using a USB 3.2 Manual Share Switch Hub (sold separately) you can expand your shared system and connect multiple USB peripheral devices to multiple computers. The Hub allows for up to four peripheral devices to be connected; the hub can then be connected to the peripheral device input on the USB 2.0 Manual Share 4 Port Switch allowing four computers to share up to four different peripheral devices.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: GWC
    Manufacturer Product No.: SS2155
    UPC: 820004000314
    System Requirements: IBM - compatible PC with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 or XP; USB ports available
    Ports: • 4 USB type-B connecters (to computers)
    • 1 USB type-A connecter (to a device or a hub)
    Power: Bus-powered, 500 mA each portfont>
    Push Button: Reset
    Status Lights: 4-port indicator LEDs
    Storage Temperature: -10° C - 85° C
    Operating Temperature: 0° C - 70° C

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    Review of 97383 Review by ANDREW
    Review of 97383

    good price and good e mail communication, will purchase for you all again........thanks

    Posted on 10/28/2009

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