US Sunlight Solar 9910APV 1,250sq/ft All Purpose Solar Ventilator

US Sunlight Solar 9910APV 1,250sq/ft All Purpose Solar Ventilator

Keep Your Attic Cool in the Summer and Mildew-Free in the Winter
  • Ventilates an area up to 1,250 square feet
  • Solar powered means $0 operating costs
  • Great for year round use and not just summer
  • Can be installed by an above average DIY'er or professionally done
  • May qualify for IRS Tax Credits and area specific rebates



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  • Does your attic or crawl space overheat during the summer? Have you ever worried about, or found, mold and/or mildew in either your attic or crawl space during the winter? If your answer to either of these is yes then US Sunlight Solar's 9910APV 1,250sq/ft All Purpose Solar Ventilator is must have. During the summer these areas can rise to temperatures of upwards 160°! A result of this is that your air condition will over compensate in an effort to cool the entire house down which in turn leaves you with a huge and unnecessary electricity bill. Now you may be asking yourself, "how can a fan help an attic or crawl space during the winter?" The answer is that warm air from your home rises throughout the day and eventually interacts with your cool and damp roof. This creates moisture in the air and can lead to the formation of mold and mildew without you even knowing.

    Having an All Purpose Ventilator fan from US Sunlight Solar will help regulate temperatures by using the free and clean energy provided by the sun. The All Purpose Solar Ventilator is a great alternative to a Solar Attic Fan if your home has Spanish tile, concrete or a metal roof because it does not require any holes to be cut in the roof for installation. This particular fan installs on your gable, static or crawlspace vents to provide circulation for the room. The solar panel is connected to the fan by a 30 foot wire allowing the user the flexibility of installing the panel anywhere they desire within 30 feet.

    Once installed the way in which it will regulate temperatures is that during the warm months the fan will draw out the warm air sitting in your attic or crawlspace while at the same time pull in cooler air from outside. This leaves the area and your home at a more stable temperature leading to less wasted electricity by your air conditioning unit and thus, smaller electricity bills. Now, during the winter months the fan will remove the moist air that is created by the mixture of the warm rising air and the cool underside of your roof. This leaves you with drier air and thus prevents the growth of harmful mildew and mold which need dark, wet spaces to thrive. This mold and mildew build up can lead to much larger problems down the road as well as causing your family to be more prone to sickness.

    The 9910APV All Purpose Solar Ventilator is powerful enough to ventilate a given area of up to 1,250 square feet. Because this fan is solar powered it will run year round at no additional operating costs to the user and even begin to pay for itself with the savings you'll see on your monthly energy bill. The All Purpose Solar Ventilator is also capable of being tied into your houses power connection with a Solar Controller to allow the fan to be operated at night when there is no sunlight. The fan has a powerful 38 volt motor but is whisper quiet while operating so that you, the user, won't even realize it's there. The solar panel is commercial grade with 10 watts of power and even comes with a 20 year manufacturers warranty on the panel and housing plus a 5 year warranty on the motor to ensure the quality of the product. If you're ready to begin taking advantage of the free energy provided by the sun and start seeing monthly savings on your electricity bill then this is the product for you.

    Note:Step by step installation videos can be found in the VIDEOS Tab.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer US Sunlight Corp
    Manufacturer Product No. 9910APV
    UPC 860965000022
    Dimensions L 18in x W 11in x H 17in
    Weight 22 lbs
    Motor 38 volt DC with replaceable brushes
    Fan Blades 3
    Ventilating Capacity 1,250 square feet
    Solar Panel 10 watt with 35 poly-crystalline solar cells. Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards
    Wiring 30 feet of 20 gauge wire
    Manufacturers Warranty 20 years for housing and panel;5 years for motor
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    • 1x - All Purpose Solar Ventilator
    • 1x - 10 Watt commercial grade solar panel
    • 1x - 30 feet of 20 gauge wire
    • 2x - Mounting brackets
    • Hardware
    • 1x - Installation Manual

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