US Sunlight Solar 2114ST-8 Spectrum Skylight Tube, 14 Inches


US Sunlight Solar 2114ST-8 Spectrum Skylight Tube, 14 Inches

Skylight Adds Natural Sunlight to Any Room and Saves Money on Lighting Costs
  • Natural light for almost any room in a home
  • Provides 91% light transmission
  • Double diffuser lens carries over a 260 lbs live load capacity
  • Flexible tubing extends up to 8ft
  • Recommended for asphalt shingle roofs only



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  • There is something relaxing about a room filled with natural light that electric lighting just can't duplicate. With the 14" Spectrum Skylight Tube from US Sunlight Solar natural light can be captured from the roof and tunneled in to just about any room in a home. Adding natural light to rooms of your home will help cut down on the dependency of electric lighting and thus help you save money on electric bills. The leak-resistant Spectrum Skylight Tube installs on the roof of a home without having to make major structural changes or do any reframing. The flexible tubing tunnels 91% of light transmission from the roof's double diffuser lens to the desired household room and can be extended to as much as 8 feet. Its double diffuser roof lens is made of hail resistant upgraded acrylic and has a 264 lb live load capacity. US Sunlight Solar recommends that installation of the Spectrum Skylight Tube should only be done on an asphalt shingle roof and that it should take about 2 hours for a professional or about one afternoon for a DIY'er. This Skylight Tube is severe weather tested (pending Florida approval).

    Sizing Recommendations
    Flexible Tube Install Length Square Footage Equivalent
    Perfect for Illuminating
    2 feet 175 sq/ft Breakfast Room
    4 feet 150 sq/ft Hallway
    6 feet 125 sq/ft Laundry Room
    8 feet 100 sq/ft Walk-in Closet

    Tools Needed for Installation
    • Ladder
    • Reciprocating saw or jig saw
    • Power drill with 1/2"-1" drill bit
    • 1-2" deck screw and screw bit
    • Hammer & roofing nails or self tapping galvanized screws (included)
    • Tin snips or wire cutters
    • ASTM D 4586 Type 1 Asphalt Roofing Cement
    • Measuring tape or ruler
    • Pencil or chalk
    • Roofing knife or box cutter
    • Flat pry bar
    • Sheetrock saw
    • Adjustable wrench or pliers
    • Phillips screwdriver or drill bit

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer US Sunlight Corp
    Manufacturer Product No. 2114ST-8
    UPC 700175340504
    Size 14 inches round
    One Piece Flashing Yes
    Severe Weather Tested (pending approval from Florida)
    Flexible Tube 96 inches
    Roof Lens Upgraded acrylic
    Interior Lens Acrylic with trim ring
    Diffuser Lens Double lens
    Light Transmission 91%
    Live Load Capacity 264 lbs
    Roof Type Asphalt shingle roofs only
    Manufacturer Warranty 10 years

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    • 1x - Metal flashing
    • 1x - Clear acrylic dome
    • 1x - Breather frame
    • 2x - Tab
    • 1x - Flexible tube
    • 1x - Ceiling frame
    • 1x - Diffuser/diffuser holder
    • 1x - White plastic locking ring
    • Packet of screws
    • Manufacturer's Warranty Card

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