US Floor Heating SM7 12 Square Feet NetMat Package

US Floor Heating SM7 12 Square Feet NetMat Package

Heats Your Home From the Floor Up to the Ceiling To Save Energy and Money
  • Can be installed under carpet, wood or laminate flooring
  • Thin 1/8" thick cables are virtually unnoticeable once flooring is installed
  • Eliminates noise of vent heaters
  • No loss of valuable floor or wall space for furnaces or vents
  • 15W per square foot
  • Economy/Comfort/ Vacation temperature selection



List Price: $299.00

Your Savings: $10.54

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  • The NetMat is a self-adhesive floor heating system, designed for carpet, wood or laminate flooring projects. Easily install the NetMat under your flooring to make your home's heating system more energy-efficient and save you money. NetMat consists of a flexible fiberglass mesh designed to arrange the heating cables into an easily shaped mat. The floor heating unit will bond directly to the surface of the sub-floor, so you'll get a quality heating system without compromising the quality of your flooring installation. And you can save money by only installing NetMat into rooms that are used most often, so you won't waste energy heating rooms that no one will be in. With 15 Watts per sq. ft. the floor heating mats heat up quicker and produce a greater amount of heat without increasing your energy costs. The included programmable thermostat will allow control of the NetMat with Economy, Comfort, and Vacation modes. The programmable thermostat controls every function of the electric under floor heating system. The thermostat can be set to heat the floor of your room to different temperatures for every day of the week.

    NetMat gradually and evenly heats your flooring to warm your home from floor to the ceiling. Wall and ceiling vents are ineffective ways of heating your home. Once air blows out of the vent, it will naturally rise, moving the warm air towards the ceiling. And traditional floor vents can waste valuable floor space, forcing you to arrange your furniture around the vent to allow optimal air flow. NetMat gives you the freedom to place your furniture anywhere you'd like and still keep the room at a comfortable and even temperature from the bottom to the top of the room.

    This product is also available in 9.5, 18, and 23 square feet, each sold separately.

    Smarthome does not accept defective returns for this product. You will need to contact the Manufacturer (or Supplier) directly for all warranty issues.
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