Universal Remote Control URC-A6 Pre-Programmed and Learning Remote Control

Universal Remote Control URC-A6 Pre-Programmed and Learning Remote Control

Preprogrammed with Learning Capabilities to Control Your Entire A/V System
  • Control up to 6 audio and video components
  • Pre-programmed to work with 1000's of name brand electrnoics, including lighting controls
  • IR learning capability
  • Built-in ability to store macros



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  • The URC-A6 remote control is designed to control up to six different Audio/Video components and operate virtually all brands of AUDIO, TV, DVD/DVR/VCR, CBL/SAT, LIGHTS and AUX (Game, Music server, etc.) components. Once you have programmed the URC-A6 for all of your components, all you need to do is press a component button and all the buttons on the URCA6 will work with that component. For example, when you press the TV component button, all the buttons on your URC-A6 will operate your TV. If you press the DVD component button, all the buttons on the URC-A6 will operate your DVD. Each time you press any of the buttons on the remote, the LED light in the component button will light up to indicate which component you are controlling.

    Low Battery Warning
    When the batteries are low and need to be replaced the component LED will quickly blink three times when you press the Power [ON] button.

    Couch Mode
    The URC-A6 is designed to automatically turn itself off if a button is pressed for more than 30 seconds. This prevents battery power from being depleted should the remote accidentally slip between the couch cushions.

    Programming Automated Activities
    The URC-A6 has six Macro buttons (POWER, SYSTEM OFF, A, B, C, D) that are designed to store up to 20 commands in each button. Pressing any one of the Macro buttons, or automated activity, will send out the series of commands that are stored in that particular button.

    MacroPower Total System On/Off
    MacroPower makes several devices work together by pressing one button. Imagine the convenience of turning on your TV, your DVD player and your Surround Sound receiver by pressing a single button on your URC-A6. What could normally take three remotes and three button pushes, the URC-A6 can accomplish with the press of one button. We call that MacroPower. Any of the Power On or the System Off buttons can be programmed.

    Programming "My Favorites" - Favorite
    Channel Buttons in Cable mode, the A, B, C, D buttons are also designed to serve as dedicated Favorite Channel buttons. Each button will access one of your favorite channels with just one button press.

    SimpleSound Total System Volume
    Control SimpleSound is one of the most exciting features of the URC-A6. It gives you total volume control over ALL the components in your system, even those that do not have built--in volume control, such as TIVO, DVD and VCR. SimpleSound saves you the hassle and inconvenience of constantly switching between component modes just to control volume. First you should identify which device in your system will be used to deliver sound. In a basic system, the sound may come from your TV speaker. In a more advanced system, the sound may come from your audio components (such as a Surround Sound Receiver or Home Theatre system).

    Transport Control "Punch Through"
    This "Punch Through" enables you to program the URC-A6 so that DVD or DVR Transport Controls (PLAY, STOP, FF, REW, PAUSE, SKIP and RECORD) will also operate in other component modes on the remote control.

    OSD (On-Screen Display) Control "Punch Through"
    This "Punch Through" enables you to program the URC-A6 so that CBL or DVD OSD Controls (MENU, GUIDE, INFO, EXIT, SEL and 4 Cursor Controls) will also operate in other component modes on the remote control.

    Input Switching Macros
    These macros can be difficult and will vary depending on your specific setup. Because most TVs have a "Toggle" input feature, there's no way to jump to a specific video source discretely. "Toggle" means that you have one button on your remote that cycles through all available video sources (inputs) on your TV.

    Compatible Lighting Controls

  • Learning Capability: IR frequencies (15kHz to 100kHz)
    Macro Capability: 6 Macros of up to 20 steps each
    IR Range (Line of Sight via Infrared): 30--50 feet, depending on the environment
    Weight: 6.9 oz. (with batteries)
    Size: 2 1/8" x 1 1/8" x 8 3/4"
    Batteries: Two AAA Alkaline batteries included
  • 5 Reviews

    Review of 80609 Review by ROBERT A.
    Review of 80609

    arrived early; brand new

    Posted on 8/13/2014

    Review of 80609 Review by SHIRLEY
    Review of 80609

    Works as well as the remote provided by the cable company.

    Posted on 2/15/2014

    Review of 80609 Review by JAMES
    Review of 80609

    I purchased this remote for my elderly mother that struggled with the tiny buttons and complicated layout of the remote included with an Insignia LCD/DVD combo TV. Unfortunately the URC pre-configured code number for this style of TV did not function, but I was able to find an URC Insignia TV Only code that did pre-configure most of the TV specific functions that I needed. I found the learn mode worked quite well and I was able to use this feature to configure the other button functions that were needed for the built-in DVD player. I even used the four custom buttons and the macro programming feature to add a few additional conveniences. With all the custom learning/programming I performed, I never encountered the 40-50 command limitation that I have read some other users have experienced. This may be a concern for users with more complicated setup requirements than mine. At the time of this post the remote has been in use for about a month and so far it has been working well. The larger buttons and more organized button layout has certainly been an improvement over the oem remote.

    Posted on 1/11/2014

    Review of 80609 Review by PEARL
    Review of 80609

    Thanks for your prompt service.

    Posted on 11/24/2012

    Review of 80609 Review by Shane
    Review of 80609

    I a sharp LED TV, yamaha receiver, magnavox blue ray and time warner cable. Tis remort controles them all with ease, very easy to program. Great buy!!!

    Posted on 9/24/2010

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