Universal Power Group Portable Solar Power Generator System


Universal Power Group Portable Solar Power Generator System

Replaces Environmentally Hazardous Gas Generators With A Clean Solar Energy Generator
  • 2 USB ports and 4 AC outlets
  • Charges and powers via high efficiency solar panel or AC outlets
  • Solar panel has handles and folds down for easy portability and storage
  • Expandable with additional solar panels and battery boxes
  • Replaces gas generators with clean renewable energy
  • Great for home appliances, outdoor activities, and emergency power outages



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  • Harness the power of the sun with Universal Power Group's 87571 Portable Solar Power Generator System anywhere you go. The solar powered generator is meant to replace typical gas generators, and offers 80 Watts of solar power, over 60 Amp-Hours of battery capacity, and 1800 Watts of portable AC power. The generator features two 5V USB ports and four AC outlets. Charge the generator's internal battery with the solar panel or AC power. The solar powered generator is great for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities without sending environmentally hazardous emissions from gas generators into the air; or keeping it charged as a backup battery for devices and appliances in emergency situations like electrical blackouts, power outages, and rolling blackouts.

    The solar panel includes a handle and folding panel mount for easy portability and set-up. When you're ready to charge and operate any of your plugged-in devices, simply unfold the solar panel and connect the generator with the power cord. For best results, angle the solar panel so it is exposed to and absorbs the optimal amount of sunlight for quick charging and recharging. After using or recharging your devices, store the power cord behind the panel, fold the panel, and be on your way.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Universal Power Group
    Manufacturer Product No. 87571
    UPC 806593875717
    Dimensions Base Unit: 14.4 inches x 10.6 inches x 14 inches (36.5 centimeters x 27 centimeters x 35.5 centimeters)

    Solar Panel (Folded):16.6 inches x 30.1 inches x 3.4 inches (42.25 centimeters x 76.5 centimeters x 8.75 centimeters)
    Weight 86 pounds

    39.01 kilograms
    Continuous Power 1,800 Watts
    Surge Power 3,600 Watts
    Output Voltage 120 VAC
    Output Waveform Modified sine wave
    AC Receptacles 4
    Peak Efficiency 90%
    No-load battery draw < 3 Watts
    Transfer Time < 3 ms
    AC input protection 15A
    AC Charger (Built-In)
    Charger Current 5A
    Charging Stages Three-stages (bulk, absorption, float)
    Solar Charger (Built-In)
    Input Current 8 ADC maximum
    Charging Stages Three-stages (bulk, absorption, float)
    Maximum Input Voltage 26 VDC
    5V USB
    Type 2 ports @ 2.1A
    Type Deep cycle lead-acid
    Capacity 60Ah
    Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F (0°C to 40°C)
    Storage Temperature -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
    Solar Panel (come with AP1800S2)
    Peak Power (Pmax) 2 x 40W
    Voltage (Vmp) 17.5 VDC
    Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 21 VDC
    Current (Imp) 2 x 2.29A
    Estimated Recharging Time
    Using Built-in Charger 14.5 hours
    Using 80W Solar Panel (Sun Hours) 21 hours
    Office Applications
    Cell Phone 5 Watts - 95 hours
    Inkjet Printer 8 Watts - 60 hours
    17-inch LCD Monitor 35 Watts - 15.5 hours
    Table Lamp (40W) 40 Watts - 12 hours
    Table Lamp (60W) 60 Watts - 8 hours
    Laptop 65 Watts - 7.5 hours
    Emergency Power Applications
    Cordless Phone 5 Watts - 90 hours
    Clock Radio 8 Watts - 55 hours
    20 Inch LCD TV 40 Watts - 13 hours
    Home Backup Power Applications
    Home Alarm System 5 Watts - 90 hours
    8.8 Cubic Feet Freezer 80 Watts - 4.5 hours
    18 Cubic Feet Freezer 120 Watts - 3.5 hours
    Sump Pump (1/4 hp) 300 Watts - 65 minutes
    1/2" Drill 700 Watts - 19 minutes
    Microwave 1,000 Watts - 20 minutes
    Coffee Maker 1,200 Watts - 10 minutes
    How Long Will It Provide Power
    Laptop, inkjet printer, modem, cordless phone Up to 10 hours
    Cordless phone, 13-inch TV, Radio, Table Lamp Up to 3.3 hours
    18.8 Cubic Feet Fridge and Alarm System Up to 3 hours
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty against manufacturer's defects
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