United Security Products CVD-2025 Universal Cellular Dialer

United Security Products CVD-2025 Universal Cellular Dialer

Cellular Automatic Voice Dialer Notifies You Immediately When Something Goes Wrong
  • Power Condition Voice Message in Any Language plus Up to 4 Voice Messages
  • Automatic Power Loss Notification - Instant or 15-Minute Delayed
  • 4 Separate Voice Dialer Channels/Zones
  • Automatically Calls Up to 8 telephones, cell phones, etc.



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  • The United Security Products CVD-2025 Universal Cellular Dialer with power failure monitoring is a completely self-contained, weatherproof, four-channel monitoring system and cellular automatic voice dialer. Trigger event are announced via recorded voice message delivered by the cell phone when the call is answered. The Universal Cellular Dialer features a Power Monitoring System (PMS) that constantly operates in the background. In the event of a blackout, or when battery voltage falls below a safe level, or when power is restored, the PMS automatically dials out and notifies by means of pre-recorded voice messages which of the three conditions have been detected: "AC POWER OFF", "BATTERY LOW", or "AC POWER RESTORED". Representing an exciting new level of achievement, the Universal Cellular Dialer combines technologically advanced features, ease of programming and reliable operation in a compact, unobtrusive dialer completely compatible with any security alarm system.

    • Automatic AC Power Loss, AC Power Restored, Low Battery Notification
    • Built-in line seizure
    • Bluetooth capability
    • Can be used with landline - Instantly switches to cellular calling if landline is cut
    • Weatherproof NEMA cabinet
    • EEPROM Memory retains programming if power is lost
    • Power source: 9-18VDC
    • Current (OPERATE mode - standby): 28mA typical
    • Current (OPERATE mode - dialing): 100mA max
    • Activation:
    • 1) N.C. Activation: dialer activates when an "open" is detected
    • 2) N.O. Activation: dialer activates when a "close" is detected
    • 3) Voltage Activation: N.C. (applied voltage: Min. +5VDC, Max. +28VDC); N.O. (loss of continuous voltage: Min. 0VDC, Max. 0.25VDC)
    • Max. Digits for outgoing numbers: 50
    • Operating temperature range: -18 to 55 C (0 to 130 F)
    • Dimensions (inches): 13.5x12x6.5"
    • Weight (ounces):9 Lbs
    • Mounting: Wall or Flat Surface
    • Case Material: Fiberglass
    • Color: Gray
    • Warranty: 1 Year
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    • Model CVD-2025 Universal Cellular Dialer
    • NEMA Enclosure Box
    • Autodialer
    • Bluetooth Interface
    • Charge Card
    • Terminal block
    • AC power transformer
    • PB12P - Used with the Autodialer for Power Loss/ Restore and Low Battery Notification

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