U-Vue SS-1-US Single Socket Electricity Monitor


U-Vue SS-1-US Single Socket Electricity Monitor

Cut Down Your Energy Bill by Monitoring Costs to Run Appliances in Your Home
  • Monitors electricity usage at any wall socket
  • Digital screen displays costs to run and amount of kilowatts being consumed
  • 5-mode cost display
  • Smart LED indicator light alerts user to increasing cost of appliance
  • Save up to 30% on electric bills



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  • Let's face it, we're all interested in saving money where ever and whenever we can. One of the easiest ways we can all do this is by monitoring our electricity usage of home appliances. Many of us fall into habits of leaving a light on or maybe a TV even though you aren't using it. Wouldn't you be interested to know how much money is being wasted by these tiny bad habits? With the U-Vue SS-1-US Single Socket Electricity Monitor you can easily do just that! This device can help its users save up to 30% on their electric bills by helping them identify appliances that are not efficient and may need to be monitored more or even replaced. It can also help you determine appliances that while not in use still cost you a pretty penny.

    To use the Single Socket Electricity Monitor plug it into a wall socket and then subsequently plug the device you want to monitor into the Single Socket Electricity Monitor. Once the device is plugged in you will start getting instant usage readings giving the user real time costs per hour for using an appliance. This energy saving device has 5 money savings modes to provide its user with as much information as they want. The 5 usage display modes are 1) today to yesterday, 2) today to same day last week, 3) current week to last week, 4) current month to last month, and 5) instant mode to show user how much money they save as they save it. Another feature of the U-Vue Single Socket Electricity Monitor is its smart LED multi-colored light. This LED indicator light flashes when historical costs are exceeded by actual costs to alert its user that a certain appliance may be at the point of needing to be replaced. This electricity monitor also offers a convenient large and easy to read digital screen to make viewing results as easy as possible since not all wall sockets are out in the open.

    Money Saving Modes
    1)In this mode you will be able to see the current cost for the day up to that point to run the appliance along with the total cost from the day prior. This is a quick way to help users learn how their use of an appliance affects its day to day costs.

    2)This mode will display costs for the day so far followed by total cost for that same day the week prior.

    3)This mode displays users current spending costs for the week along with the total costs from the prior week. This is a good way to users make decisions about how much to actually use an appliance week to week and how they can cut down on use.

    4)With this mode the U-Vue will display costs for the month up until that point compared to total costs in the prior month. Looking at this data can show users how much money can actually be saved over the course of a month by tweaking and modifying consumption habits.

    5)This last mode displays cost per hour for the user in real time followed by kWhr of the appliance in use. This provides a quick indication of the costs per hour associated with using a particular appliance.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer U-Vue
    Manufacturer Product No. SS-1-US
    UPC 837654991701
    Dimensions L 4in x W 3in x H 6in
    Weight 0.53 lbs
    Monitoring Modes 5
    Surge Protection Up to 2000 joules
    Smart LED Light Flashes when costs exceed historical costs
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    Review of 90435WH Review by kermani
    Review of 90435WH

    i found it better then old type used befor

    Posted on 4/23/2014

    Review of 90435WH Review by kermani hassene
    Review of 90435WH

    i found it better then old type used befor

    Posted on 4/23/2014

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