U.S. Solar Heating SH7 Mounted Solar Air Heating Panel

U.S. Solar Heating SH7 Mounted Solar Air Heating Panel

Wall or Roof Mounted Air Heating System
  • Solar powered heating
  • Digital Thermostat
  • Covers up to 350 sq ft at up to 2000 BTU
  • Straightforward installation
  • Can be scaled to meet the installation by adding panels



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  • The U.S. Solar Heating SH7 Mounted Solar Air Heating Panel is a solar air heating panel system designed to heat the air for free by using the sun's energy. The Solar Air Heating Panel is made of high quality aluminum and fiberglass glazing that can hold up to 277° F. The panel has a straightforward installation. To mount the Solar Air Heating Panel on a wall or roof, you need two 4.5 inch openings: one for air intake and one for output. A fan is installed inside the building and operates off of a standard 110V outlet. The included digital thermostat can be used to control the panel and turn it off when the room reaches a desired temperature.

    An installed unit can cover up to 350 square feet while outputting up to 2000 BTU. It is used to send solar heated air directly into a room from a wall or roof installation. When sunlight hits the solar panel it heats up the air inside. After the air is sufficiently heated a small fan blows the heated air into the room. You can even set it up to blow into a pre-existing duct system. The Solar Air Heating Panel can be scaled to meet the size of the project by adding additional panels to heat not only one, but multiple rooms or large areas.

    For a double panel, you can get the U.S. Solar Heating SH27 Mounted Solar Air Heating Panel. Also available is a kit that includes the Solar Air Heating Panel and a Standalone Power Kit in Single Panel or Double Panel. With these there is no need to plug the panel in so there is no operation cost and no carbon footprint.

    • Size: 48 x 36 x 5 inch
    • BTU per hour of Sun: up to 2000
    • Flow rate: 80 CFM
    • Weight: 40 lbs +/-
    • Power: 120V Outlet
    • Temp: up to 130°F
    • Control: Thermostat
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