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Smarthome Video Transcript

Title: Smarthome Home Tour Video

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In this fast paced world, life is complicated enough trying to balance work and family. From home automation to whole home entertainment, new and cool technology can help save you time, energy and the hassle of doing everything chores. Come with me and I’ll show you what a smart home is all about.

Entry Way

In a smart home, we enter the world of home automation and automation begins with lighting control. Here in the entryway, you can control all the lights in the house from this one control panel.

With a touch of a button, your house will light up to welcome you home. You can also control the outdoor porch light and motorized blinds. On the other hand, when you leave the house, simply press “Goodbye” and all the lights in the home will turn off and the thermostat setting will lower to save you energy and money.


Family Room

Your living room serves multiple functions -- from entertaining guests to setting a romantic ambience. Create the perfect mood with lighting scenes that suit the moment. After a long stressful day at the office, you want to come home and relax. With just a touch of a button, you can activate a relaxing lighting scene where the lights will dim to your desired brightness level.


To enjoy your favorite television shows, touch the “Watch TV” button to activate the ideal lighting and power on the television. Who says technology has to be complicated?


Whether you’re relaxing in the hot tub or poolside, you want to bring control to the outdoors as well. The Dolphin remote control is a water resistant universal remote control that can control your spa's functions as well as all of your home theater devices.


Welcome to the home of the future where everything operated by remote sensors. This touchless trashcan used infrared sensors, opening instantly when you approach and closes automatically by itself.


Sweeping is a chore but now you can skip the awkward bending with the vacuuming dust pan that automatically sucks up all your sweepings whenever it senses debris.


Stay germ free with the automatic faucet and soap dispenser. Just brush your hand in front of the sensor for easy hand washing. You never have to touch a thing. 


Your pets are a part of the family but you can’t always take them with you. With the automatic pet feeder and watering kit, you will ensure that your pet won’t go hungry or thirsty while you’re away on vacation or working late.


Why restrict yourself to enjoying your music in your living room or family room? Enjoy music in every part of your house by installing in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Adjust the volume of your whole house audio system in any room by installing an in-wall volume controller.


Who says you have to enjoy your music indoors? With this wireless speaker, you can enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere.

Sprinkler Control

We all love our lush yards but not the hassle of the upkeep. Now you can set your sprinklers on a timer to go off at Sunrise and never have to worry about watering your lawn again.

Door Locks

Always forgetting your keys or just don’t want carry them with you when you go on a jog. Install a keypad door lock. Simply punch in a predetermined code on the number pad and open the door – all without the use of a key!


Photo frames show off your family and loved ones but you can only show off one picture at a time. With a digital picture frame, you can show off thousands of photos. You can even play mp3 songs and group your photos together into a musical slideshow or show clips of your latest vacation videos.


If you think technology is cool, there’s nothing cooler than the Chillow. Just fill this gel insert with water, insert it into your pillowcase and it will keep your pillow cool all night long.


If you wear glasses, you’ve probably struggled to see what time it is at night. With this projection clock, it cleverly projects the time onto the wall so no more reaching for your glasses in bed to see the time.


You just got a glimpse of the possibilities of a Smart Home. All these gadgets, gizmos and more can be yours at . Make your Smart Home a reality today.

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