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Smarthome Video Transcript

Title: RemoteLinc Showcase Video
Duration: 2min 30sec
Relevant Product(s): RemoteLinc (2440); SwitchLinc Dimmer (2476D)

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INSTEON-compatible controllers control every device in your INSTEON network, such as a SwitchLinc, KeypadLinc or ControLinc. However, they all need to be connected to the wall, whether as a hardwired wall switch or plugged into the wall as a tabletop controller.

With the RemoteLinc -- the first battery operated INSTEON-Compatible controller -- you get wireless control of your entire home. Check it Out!

The RemoteLinc sports 6 sets of buttons to turn your devices on and off. Similar to the ControLinc, there are dedicated ?Dim? and ?Bright? buttons to fade lights up and down. All ON and All OFF buttons to control all devices linked to any of the 6 ON/OFF buttons.

In the living room, I can pick up the RemoteLinc up off the coffee table to control any light, like this lamp here. You can also activate a lighting scene perfect for watcing a movie. With a press of a button, the lights fade and the shades lower to give you the perfect ambience for watching your favorite movie.

With stick-on velcro strips, you can mount your RemoteLinc controller anywhere, without connecting a single wire. Instantly your remotelinc becomes a wall switch. Add one to your attic, basement, garage, walk-in closet, or anywhere you need a switch. Because it?s portable, you can take the RemoteLinc with you anywhere you go in the house.

When I enter my bedroom at night, I use this SwitchLinc to control the light in the corner of my room. The RemoteLinc lets me turn off the light in the corner of the room from the comfort of my own bed.

The RemoteLinc is perfect for the bedroom. Not only can I turn off all lights in the house with a touch of a button when I’m ready to go to sleep, but I also have the security of knowing that I can turn on all the lights in the house back on again if I hear a strange noise in the middle of the night.

Well, goodnight.

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