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Smarthome Video Transcript

Title: Changing the LED lights on a Switchlinc Dimmer
Duration: 1min 35sec
Relevant Product(s): SwitchLinc Dimmer (2476D)

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In this video, we’re going to show how to change the LED color on a keypad. It’s pretty easy to do. Let's get started.

In this case, we're going to replace this keypad with blue LEDs.

The first thing is to remove the 4 screws. This is done with a small screwdriver -- Philips tip -- and removing each one of the screw just like this and then remove the plate.

Now that the screws are removed, we take the plate off. It will expose in the back pieces of plastic. There's two of them: one is a series of 8 that are tied together and one is a single one. We're going to remove them right now.

Here's the process of removing the LEDs. Grab a hold of a pair of plyers and just pull them straight out. One is a longer one, one is a single one. The single one is your status light for your off button. They're replaced in the same order. They just snap right back in.

Now just tighten up each of the four screws and your new SwitchLinc Dimmer with the blue LEDs are ready to go.

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