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Title: Changing LED Diffusers on a KeypadLinc Dimmer
Duration: 1min 53sec
Relevant Product(s): KeypadLinc Dimmer (2486D)

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In this video, we’re going to change the backlight color of a keypad. We’ve got blue, red, yellow or green. They come standard as white, but you may want to change it to one of these colors. Let me show you how to do that. It’s pretty easy to do.

We’re going to show how to take out the standard keypad covers that comes shipped standard with every keypad. This process is done by just taking a small screwdriver -- placing it between any two of the smaller paddles -- and just rotate up and the switch will pop off.

Now that we’ve removed the key caps on the keypad, it’s exposed some diffuser plastics in here that we’re going to change out to change the color coming out of the keypad. Here’s an example of one right here.

Using a small screwdriver, try to catch the edge of the corner of the plastic to just flick them out of the way.

Now that you have the clear diffuser plates out, we’re going to go ahead and place in a blue diffuser plate in place of it. Keep in mind when you’re putting these in also there’s a slight taper to it and the tapered edge is going to go down into the switch.

Now that you’ve replaced your white diffuser plates with your blue diffuser plates and they’re in place, let’s go ahead and put the covers back on.

We’ve now converted the light on this keypad to a blue back light. It’s that simple.

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