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Title: How to Setup the Plug-In Dimmer INSTEON-enabled Starter Kit
Duration: 4min 25sec
Relevant Product(s): Plug-In Dimmer INSTEON-enabled Starter Kit

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The intent of this video is to provide you with the basic understanding of how to install your Plug-in Dimmer INSTEON Starter Kit (Part#2490).

When you're done installing the Starter Kit, you'll be able to conveniently control two plug-in lamps in your home from a plug-in tabletop controller.

This Starter Kit consists of one Controlinc plug-in tabletop controller, two LampLinc modules and two SignaLinc RF modules.

The SignaLinc RF modules are essential to any INSTEON network.

Once installed, they will allow you to incorporate any number of controllable INSTEON-enabled devices for your home, including lighting fixtures, lamps and appliances.

The Starter Kit already provides two lamp modules to get you started.

First, setup the SignaLincs.

Take the first SignaLinc and fully extend its antennae before plugging it into an outlet.

Press and hold the SET button for 10 seconds and release.

The SignaLinc LED will blink quickly - four times per second - and will continue to blink until you complete the SignaLinc setup.

Now it's time to plug in your second SignaLinc.

Find another outlet somewhere else in your house. You'll want to be sure that when the second SignaLinc is plugged in, its LED is blinking the same as the first SignaLinc.

If it's blinking slowly, that means the two outlets you've chosen are on the same electrical phase in your home.

Find an outlet that is on the opposite electrical phase. It's easy. You'll know your on the opposite phase when your SignaLinc blinks quickly when you plug it in.

Go back to the first SignaLinc and tap the SET button. The blinking will stop on both SignaLincs. This indicates successful setup between the SignaLincs.

Now you can install your first LampLinc module to control your favorite lamp.

You will install your second LampLinc to your second Lamp of choice after you've installed your ControLinc. That's coming up.

First, turn your lamp on.

Then unplug it from the outlet.

Next, plug it into the receptable on the bottom of the LampLinc.

Finally, plug the LampLinc into the outlet.

For your convenience, the LampLinc features a pass-through outlet, which is a receptacle for plugging in another non-controlled device.

Now it's time to give you remote control of your lamp by linking the LampLinc to the ControLinc.

The ControLinc has ON and OFF buttons for five unique channels.

It also has ALL ON and ALL OFF buttons and DIM and BRIGHT buttons.

First, plug the ControLinc into any outlet in your home.

Second, choose the channel you want to control your lamp from. For purposes of this demonstration, we'll choose channel one. Press and hold the ON button on channel one for 10 seconds.

After 10 seconds, you'll hear a beep and the ControLinc's LEDs will begin flashing. The ControLinc is now ready to link to the LampLinc.

Go back to your LampLinc and press and hold the SET button for three seconds. The lamp will flash indicating successful linking and the ControLinc will beep once.

Now you can turn the light on and off from your ControLinc using the channel one ON and OFF buttons. You can dim or brighten your lights using the DIM and BRIGHT buttons.

Once you have multiple lamps linked to the ControLinc, you'll be able to turn all your lights on and off together using the ALL ON and ALL OFF buttons.

Now go back and repeat the LampLinc and ControLinc setup for a second lamp but this time, use channel two. Once you've done this, your Starter Kit setup is complete

With additional LampLinc modules (Part 2456D3), you can expand your control to include more lamps and with the ApplianceLinc module (part 2456S3), you can enjoy remote control of your favorite appliances.

You can even remotely control light fixtures by simply changing out existing wall switches with the INSTEON SwitchLinc.

Pretty soon you'll be able to turn on every light in your home on and off with a press of a button. That's the magic of INSTEON.

For more information and for advanced programming features, go to www.smarthome.com.

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