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Title: How to Remote Control Your Christmas Tree Lights
Duration: 2min 10sec

Relevant Product(s): INSTEON ControLinc, LampLinc

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It's Christmas and you got your Xmas tree decked out with ornaments and lights to bring in that festive holiday season. But it could be a pain crawling behind the Xmas tree to plug in the lights every time. Where going to show you how to control your Xmas tree lights remotely and conveniently. So lets get started!

For this project, you will need an ApplianceLinc and a ControLinc.

First lets start with the ApplianceLinc. Unplug your Xmas tree lights from the wall and plug them into the bottom control outlet in the ApplianceLinc. Theirs also a pass through outlet that isn't controlled so you can control other lamps or appliances with it.

Next, plug the ApplianceLinc into an un switched wall receptacle. Your Xmas tree will turn and the status LAD on the side of the module will also light up.

Now plug your ControLinc into any outlet that's not controlled by a switch. Preferably one in a convenient location.

Now all you have to do is link the ControLinc to the ApplicanceLinc.

As you can see the ControLinc has 5 sets of ON/OFF buttons. To set the ControLinc into Linking Mode, select one of these channels and press the on button for 10 seconds until you hear a beep and the white status LED begins to blink slowly. 10 seconds is a long time so hold on and be patient.

Over on the ApplianceLinc, press and hold the SET button on the side of the module for 3 seconds and then release. The status LED on the ApplianceLinc will blink to confirm the link.

The ControLinc will also confirm the link by beeping once and the status LED will stop flashing.

Now test that the linking is successful by turning the light on and off.

And that is how you control your Xmas tree lights remotely. For this information and more visit our website at www.smarthome.com

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