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Title: How to Unlink from a KeypadLinc Dimmer
Duration: 2min 15sec

Relevant Product(s): KeypadLinc Dimmer, LampLinc

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If you've learned how to link any INSTEON devices to be controlled by a KeypadLinc, it is also important that you learn how to undo any links that you no longer need.

Having too many orphaned links can slow down your system because the KeypadLinc will retry any commands intended for an unused INSTEON device.

In this video, we will show you how to unlink any INSTEON device that's control by a KeypadLinc. So let's get started.

For this project, we will unlink a LampLinc from a KeypadLinc.

Currently, button A on the KeypadLinc controls that LampLinc that controls that lamp.

Let's say we no longer want button A to control the lamp, so you will need to unlink the LampLinc from the KeypadLinc.

To set the KeypadLinc to Unlinking mode, you must first set the KeypadLinc into linking mode by pressing and holding the control button -button A -- for 10 seconds until it begins blinking slowing.

Now, press and hold the A button again for 10 seconds. The KeypadLinc is now in Unlinking Mode.

To unlink most INSTEON device, press and hold the ON button for 10 seconds or press and hold the SET button for 3 seconds.

For the LampLinc, press and hold the SET button on the side of the module for 3 seconds unlit the status LED blinks ones and the lamp flashes.

If the unlinking is successful, the control button (Button A) on the KeypadLinc will no longer be blinking.

Now we check to see if the unlinking is successful but turning the switch on and off. As you can see button A no longer controls the LampLinc that controls that lamp.

And that is how you unlink a controlled INSTEON device from a KeypadLinc. All this information can be found in our manual or on our website at www.smarthome.com

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