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Title: How to Link to a KeypadLinc Dimmer
Duration: 1min 36sec

Relevant Product(s): KeypadLinc Dimmer, LampLinc

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In this video, you're going to learn how to link a KeypadLinc to a LampLinc, so let's get started.

Over here, this LampLinc controls that lamp.

For this project, we want the "A" button on the KeypadLinc to control the lamp so we must link the KeypadLinc to control the LampLinc that controls the lamp.

To set the KPL to Linking Mode, press and hold the desired button - let's say button "A" for 10 seconds until the button starts blinking slowly. 10 seconds is a pretty long time so hold on and be patient.

Once the KPL is in linking mode, you have 4 minutes to complete the link.

Back at the LampLinc, press and hold the SET button on the side of the module for 3 seconds until the lamp flashes and the Status light blinks.

Once a successful linking has been accomplished, the control button on the KPL will not be blinking.

Now verify the linking was successful by testing the linked button.

And that is how you link a KeypadLinc Dimmer to a LampLinc. All this information can be found in our manual or on our website at www.smarthome.com

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