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Title: How to Set the Ramp Rate on a SwitchLinc Dimmer
Duration: 2min 3sec

Relevant Product(s): SwitchLinc Dimmer , SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer

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Did you know that you could adjust the ramp rate on a SwitchLinc Dimmer? The Ramp Rate is how quickly the light being controlled turns on or off.

For example, you may want the light in the stairwell to turn on instantly so you can see where you're going. Conversely, you may want the master bathroom light to ramp up slowly so you're not blinded in the middle of the night.

In this room SwitchLinc Dimmer controls that light.

By default, the light turns on almost instantaneously at 0.1 seconds.

For this project, we will set the ramp rate to 2 seconds, so lets get started.

The LED bar on the left has nine lights, each representing a different ramp speed. Manually, you can set the ramp rate as fast as 0.1 seconds or as slow as a full 9 seconds. Using software, you can set the ramp rate up to 9 minutes.

Looking at the chart in the manual, we see that the ramp rate of 2 seconds corresponds to 50% brightness.

Using the paddle, adjust the brightness to the corresponding Ramp Rate that you want.

Once you've selected your desired ramp rate level, quickly double tap the SET Button located just below the paddle to lock in the Ramp Rate.

Tapping the SET button may be difficult so use a pointed object -- like a pen -- to better access it.

Now test that you have programmed your desired ramp rate. As you can see, it takes 2 seconds for the light to get to full brightness. If you want to turn the light on and off instantly, simply tap off twice and on twice.

And that is how you set the Ramp Rate for a SwitchLinc Dimmer. These instructions and more can be found in the manual or on our website at www.smarthome.com

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