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Title: How to Set the On-Level Brightness on a SwitchLinc Dimmer
Duration: 1min 23sec

Relevant Product(s): SwitchLinc Dimmer , SwitchLinc Stand-Alone Dimmer

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Hi. You probably know that you can dim any light that your SwitchLinc Dimmer controls. But did you know that not only can you pre-set the on level to your desired brightness? You can set the on level to 50% for your perfect home movie experience.

In this video your going to learn how to set the on level on a SwitchLinc dimmer, so lets get started!

As you can see, we have this SwitchLinc Dimmer controlling that Lamp.

By default, the SwitchLinc turns the lamp on to full brightness.

For this project, we will set the On-level of our lamp to 50%.

Using the paddle, adjust the brightness of the controlled light to 50%.

Once you've selected your desired brightness, press the SET Button, located just below the paddle to lock in the ON-level brightness.

The Lamp will flash to confirm the On-level setting.

Now turn the lamp off and then on again to make sure it is set to your desired On brightness.

And that is how you set the On-Level for a SwitchLinc Dimmer. These instructions and more can be found in the manual or on our website.

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