2007 Top 10 Customer-Rated Products

INSTEON SwitchLinc Dimmer, White
Only $45.99
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Our Best-Selling Remote-Controllable Dimmer

Frank -- Santa Clarita, CA    Date:11/15/2007
Comment: I am extremely pleased with the Insteon line. I'm replacing every switch in my house with them, as they always work whjen they should, and never work when they shouldn't!
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  • Save money on bills by dimming your lights with this easy-to-install dimmer

Dual Laser Guided Parking System
Only $29.99
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Park in the Same Spot in Your 2-Car Garage Every Time

Gary -- Newfield, NY    Date:11/26/2007
Comment: The item was easy to install and works just as advertised. I'm verfy pleased with the purchase and the ease of ordering.
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  • Avoid dents in your car doors or garage walls

Kill A Watt
Only $23.89
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Lower Your Monthly Electric Bill and Save Energy

Angela -- Silver Spring, MD    Date:11/28/2007
Comment: Incredibly helpful in figuring out if we are using energy while appliances are turned off.
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  • Identify the real energy abusers in your house

Hidden IR System
Only $109.99
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Hidden IR System Routes Signals Into Closets & AV Cabinets

Kristin -- Chicago, IL    Date:11/26/2007
Comment: I just hooked the Hidden IR System. Simple directions and it worked right away. I am now buying a second one for my bedroom.
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  • Allows any IR remote to control hidden components

Linteater System And Extension Kit

Only $39.99
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Prevent Dryer Fires With a Lint-Removal Vent Cleaning System for Any Size Vent

Richard -- West Manchester, OH    Date:11/26/2007
Comment: The lintbrush works even better that I thought it would. Wish I would have known about that years ago. Thank you.
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  • Save $$ on your heater electric or gas bill every month

Aube Solar Timer Switch, 40-500w - White

Only $39.99
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Timer Switch Turns Lights On and Off Based on Sunrise, Sunset in Your Area

Robert -- Cross River, NY    Date:12/2/2007
Comment: Never worry about outdoor lights again. This is the final solution to any light timing issue.
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  • Switch turns lights on and off based on sunrise and sunset

Automatic Yard Watering System
Only $54.99
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Turn Your Hose Faucet Into an Automatic Sprinkling System

Allan -- East Meadow, NY    Date:09/05/2007
Comment: Works as expected. My lawn never looked so good.
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  • Set the timer to water up to 4 separate yard sections on their own schedules

Cat Genie Self-Cleaning Litter Box
was $299.99
Sale $273.85

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Self-Cleaning Litter Box Cleans, Sanitizes and Dries Automatically

Pat -- Gilbert, AZ    Date:9/7/2007
Comment: love the catgenie! I have 2 cats... within hours they were using it. Installation was a breeze. My daughters are very interested in one for their cats... they may be getting the catgenie for Christmas!
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  • Self-cleaning litter box has no litter to scoop, touch or change

Smarthome SecureLinc Family Security System
was $399.99
Sale $379.99

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Easy-to-use, Long Range Wireless Security System to Safeguard Your Home and Family

Phil -- Grants Pass, OR    Date:11/29/2007
Comment:With preplanning and following the installation manual one step at a time, the installation was successful right out of the box. Great system for the price, and great service from SmartHome. Thanks.
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  • Wirelessly communicates to security sensors up to 300 feet away

Chrome Soap Sensor Dispenser
Only $34.99
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Soap Dispenser Provides Liquid Soap When it Senses the Presence of Your Hands

Hebert -- Chicago, IL    Date:12/2/2007
Comment: The dispenser works perfectly, and did so right out of the box! As usual, Smarthome has innovative, useful and great quality products and quality employees!!!
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  • Your kids will want to wash their hands with this motion activated dispenser

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